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Haiqi Biomass Carbonization System
Haiqi's biomass carbonization system can adapt to various types of biomass feedstock.
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Biomass Sawdust Burner
With many advantages, Haiqi's biomass burner is an ideal biomass energy solution.
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Haiqi Energy Solutions Showcased at the China-Uzbekistan Business Cooperation Roundtable
Haiqi Group's cutting-edge environmental protection and new energy solutions showcased at the China-Uzbekistan Business Co-operation Roundtable. Join us in promoting green technology around the world and fostering sustainable development.
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Uncover the Benefits of Wood Vinegar
Wood vinegar liquid can be obtained by pyrolysis and carbonization of biomass raw materials such as wood chips, rice straw, straw, and fruit shells. Simply put, it is obtained by naturally cooling and liquefying the smoke emitted during the burning of these biomass into charcoal. Due to its many functions such as disinfection and sterilization, it plays an important role in agriculture, industry and other fields.
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Hai Qi Group Joins UNIDO's Fourth Industrial Revolution Industry Alliance Advancing Forward
Steven and Stella from Hai Qi Group attended the second partner launching ceremony for the members of the Industrial Alliance for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IA4IR) initiated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Shanghai as representatives of the Group.
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Why Biochar Matters?
Discover the transformative power of biochar in combating climate change. Explore how biomass carbonization solution sequesters carbon, reduces emissions, and enhances soil quality for a greener future.
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