biochar, carbon sequestration, carbon sink
Carbonization Equipment Waste Heat Drying System
Introducing Harmless Pyrolysis Technology: Safely decompose harmful substances, minimize environmental impact during carbonization.
biomass burner, biomass energy, wood chip burner, waste to energy
Biomass Automatic Slag Burner
Unlock the potential of biomass waste with Haiqi's biomass burner!
biochar, biomass energy, biochar making
Stationary Biomass Carbonization System
Haiqi provides biomass making machines that meet EU emission standards.
biomass energy, biomass power generation, waste to energy
Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen System
Unlock the potential of our biomass gasification system - obtain hydrogen and extract combustible gases like methane and carbon monoxide. Utilize generated heat for heating or power generation.
biomass gasification, biomass gasifier, waste to energy
Biomass Gasification For Boiler System
With the comprehensive efficiency of 80%, Haiqi's biomass gasifier is an ideal clean energy solution.
biochar, biomass energy, biomass carbonization
Stationary Biomass Carbonization System
Haiqi's stationary carbonization system can handle a wide range of biomass raw materials, and can provide you with efficient and clean energy solutions.