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Haiqi Biomass Gasifier Docking Food Drying Furnace
Haiqi' s team chose 1T biomass gasifier as the main energy supply equipment. The gasifier can efficiently convert biomass waste into gas to provide a stable heat source for the food drying oven. The heat requirement of the food drying oven is 600,000 kcal, and the gas production of the biomass gasifier can fully meet this requirement of the customer.
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Biomass Gasification for Heating in Thailand
Haiqi Group successfully implemented a biomass gasification heating project for a rubber manufacturer in southern Thailand, realizing the energy upgrade of hot air drying.
biomass pellet burner project based in China
Haiqi biomass pellet burner project based in China
With China's increasing demand for renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies, biomass combustion technology, as a green and environmentally friendly energy solution, has been widely promoted in industrial applications. The 3.6 million kcal pellet burner project located in Dezhou, Shandong Province is an important practice of Haiqi's commitment to promoting environmental protection, circular economy and renewable energy utilisation.
biomass sawdust burner
Haiqi Biomass Sawdust burner Project In Thailand
This project is located in Thailand and was installed and commissioned on 15 January 2024. The project uses sawdust as the main feedstock, which is efficiently combusted by a biomass burner with a capacity of 1.5-2 tonnes/hour, operating in a continuous mode. To improve the efficiency of energy use and reduce the environmental impact, the project is supported by the installation of an oil-fired gas steam boiler.
biomass wood burner
9 Million Kcal Biomass Wood Flour Burner Project in China
The core equipment of this project is the 9 million kcal wood flour burner, which is capable of continuously processing 1.5-2 tonnes/hour of biomass wood flour, ensuring an efficient and stable energy supply. The burner adopts advanced combustion technology and is used in conjunction with an existing oil-fired gas boiler to achieve efficient combustion of biomass wood flour. It not only helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but also greatly reduces the operating costs of enterprises.
Biomass gasifier shipped to Qingzhou
Haiqi 10-Ton Biomass Gasification Furnace Integration with 10-Ton Hot Water Boiler Project in China
In November 2017, a pioneering project was executed in Qingzhou, Shandong, featuring the integration of a 10-ton biomass gasification furnace with a 10-ton hot water boiler. This project underscores the effective utilization of biomass gasification technology to produce sustainable heat energy for hot water production, showcasing an innovative approach to renewable energy and resource efficiency.
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