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The Types Of Biomass Burners
Biomass burner as a new energy equipment, gradually attention and use, but gradually this kind of equipment also derived from a lot of categories, so we in the purchase of how to distinguish the types of these equipment, then I will be based on the market more popular classification for you to analyze.

Based on the raw materials
There are many kinds of biomass fuels, but according to the shape of the fuel, the corresponding biomass burners can be divided into:

1.Biomass wood chip burner, using bulk fuel (such as wood chips, waste building template, etc.), the particle size of fuel is generally controlled within 5cm, of course, this kind of equipment can also use biomass pellet fuel, all this kind of equipment can also be called biomass multifunctional burner.

2.Biomass pellet burner, the use of molding pellet fuel, molding pellet fuel diameter is generally 6/8/10mm specifications, the market is 8mm, this type of model is also the most common model on the market, because the fuel has formed a market circulation, convenient storage and transportation, widely used.

3.Biomass wood sawdust burner: the use of powdered fuel (such as sawdust, rice husk powder, bamboo powder, etc.), the particle size of the fuel is generally within 5mm, the combustion efficiency of this kind of equipment is higher, but because the fuel is not convenient to transport, so this kind of equipment is generally limited to the surrounding similar fuel enterprises and individuals use.

4.Biomass wood powder burner: The fuel used is powder fuel (such as sanding powder, wood powder, etc.), the granularity of the fuel is generally within 0.1mm, the combustion efficiency of this kind of equipment is as high as 95%, mainly suitable for wood processing plants and sheet manufacturers, because this kind of manufacturers have this kind of waste as fuel in the production process, but also suitable for boilers, dryers and other energy equipment.

Based on the cooling mode
The main body of biomass burner is generally the outer steel plate, the structure of the inner refractory material, the temperature in the normal combustion process in the furnace can reach 1000 degrees, so the high temperature will be extended to the outer steel plate, if the outer steel plate does not take cooling measures, the temperature of the furnace wall will be too high. According to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, high temperature will cause thermal deformation of the outer steel plate, reduce the service life of the main furnace, and also easy to cause scalding accidents, so to take cooling measures on the outer wall of the main furnace of the biomass burner, the general cooling method is divided into: water cooling and air cooling.

The outer wall of the main furnace of biomass burner is generally a double layer of steel plate, and the middle of the double layer of steel plate is a sandwich. In the sandwich, the injection of circulating water is water cooling, and the cold air is air cooling. The specific heat capacity of water is the largest, so the cooling effect and the effect of maintaining the temperature stability of the furnace wall are better than the effect of air cooling, air cooling is generally suitable for small burners within 600,000 kcal.

According to different ways of slag discharge
The fuel of biomass burner will produce a certain amount of dust after combustion, that is, grass and wood ash. However, under high temperature (generally more than 900℃), the grass and wood ash will melt and harden into coke, which will affect the combustion of the equipment if not discharged in time. Therefore, biomass burner can be divided into fixed grate (manual slag discharge) and rotating grate (automatic slag discharge) according to the way of slag discharge.

According to the automation standard, the burner of the rotating grate is more humane, but the general biomass burner of the rotating grate is more expensive, so it should be analyzed according to the specific situation, which also means that the burner of the fixed grate is on the low end. In contrast, burners with fixed grates sell better. Because most of the biomass fuel is wood, the amount of ash is very small, it is not easy to form coke, so it is necessary to choose according to the state of the fuel you use. In short, the general ash content > 8% of the fuel can choose rotating grate equipment, lower than the ash content of the fuel does not need automatic slag discharge function of the burner, fixed grate burner is enough.

The Application Prospect Of Biomass Burner
The application and promotion of biomass burners is an important way for the comprehensive utilization of green energy. After years of development, a large number of existing coal-fired industrial boilers are facing the transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction technology. Many regions have banned coal-fired boilers altogether. As a kind of clean, low carbon (carbon dioxide 0 emissions), and sustainable renewable environmental protection green fuel, biomass fuel is the most suitable for the transformation of coal-fired boiler high-quality fuel.

This technical transformation can make full use of the original boiler equipment, the fuel cost is much lower than the oil and gas fuel, the construction period is short, the operation of the workers is basically the same as the operation of the original boiler, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler. At present, the use of biomass burners of Haiqi environmental protection for energy-saving transformation of coal-fired boilers is one of the favorable options.

It is economically and technically feasible to change the small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers in operation to use biomass burners. It can effectively reduce the emission of SO2, and the flue gas can meet the national emission standard after dust removal. It has obvious environmental benefits. It can promote the development of renewable energy, realize the comprehensive utilization of agricultural and forestry organic waste, and has certain social and economic benefits.

Taking the boiler as an example, the operating cost of biomass fuel, coal, diesel and natural gas as fuel is obtained: natural gas > diesel > biomass > coal. Although the operating cost of changing the boiler to biomass burner is slightly higher than that of coal burning, the composition of flue gas desulfurization can be reduced considering that the SO2 generated by burning biomass is greatly reduced. On the other hand, coal, diesel, natural gas and other fossil energy continue to grow with the demand, and a large number of mining and gradually reduce, which will inevitably lead to rising prices, will bring a certain economic burden. Therefore, compared with coal, oil and natural gas boilers, biomass burners, it has a great economic competitive advantage. Haiqi environmental protection biomass burner, biomass gasifier, is specialized in industrial energy environmental protection equipment, but also has a very successful engineering and technical experience worth reference.

Wood Chip Burner FAQs
1.What are the models and how are the biomass semi -gasification wood chips burner and how do distinguish ?

The device models range from HQ-LM0.5 to HQ-LM20.0, and the caloric value ranges from 300,000 kcal/h to 12 million kcal/h.

There are two forms of model differentiation: one is according to the model 0.5 to 20.0 corresponding to the boiler model 0.5 tons to 20 tons; Second, according to the calorific value of 300000-12 million kcal/h, every 600,000 kcal can be divided into a model, as shown in the following example:
Model HQ-LM0.5 HQ-LM1.0 HQ-LM2.0 HQ-LM3.0 HQ-LM20.0
Calorific value (kcal/h) 0.3 million 0.6 million 1.2 million  1.8 million 12 million
Rated fuel consumption (kg/h) 75 150 300 450 3000
Matched Boiler (ton)
0.5 1 2 3 20
The fuel is wood chips as an example, the calorific value is 4000kcal/kg, and the water content is less than 15%

2.Why does the furnace body of the biomass semi -gasification wood chip burner be cooled, will there be heat loss, the difference between water cooling and air cooling?
Because the burning of the burner furnace is high -temperature burning, the furnace temperature will gradually rise during continuous work, and the furnace body temperature is too high to damage the refractory material and the main steel plate. Therefore, the furnace body cooling measures are needed to greatly extend the service life of the equipment.

Cooling will use a certain heat loss, but compared with extended the life of the furnace body and the reduction of the failure rate, the profit is greater than the disadvantage.

The specific heat capacity of water is the largest, which is the best medium for cooling, but it has high requirements for furnace welding technology. The specific heat capacity of air is small, the cooling effect is poor, can be used for small equipment within 300,000 kcal, but continuous industrialization should use large equipment, because the air cooling effect is very poor, affect the service life of the furnace body.

3.Is the biomass semi-gasification wood chip burner good to operate? What are the types of control systems?
The control system of our equipment is divided into semi -automatic and fully automatic.

There are not many control points for the equipment, control the feeding and air distribution i\are enough. Moreover, we have professional guidance installation and debugging personnel, responsible for free customer training, simple to understand, generally 3-5 hours can be skilled.

4.What are the guarantees of biomass semi -gasification wood chips burner and its service life?
The design service life of this type of equipment more than 10 years. According to the feedback from our customer, it has been used for more than 10 years. Our company provides a one -year free after -sales service for the whole equipment, providing lifelong equipment maintenance guidance. After a third -party identification, if the device does not reach the corresponding technical parameters of the contract, we can take a refund and return.

5.Is the use cost of biomass semi-gasification wood chip burner high?
The calorific value of wood chip about 4000Kcal/kg. After full combustion, the heat generated by 2.5kg wood chips is equivalent to 1M³ natural calories.The purchase price of wood chips is generally 400 yuan/ton, that is, 2.5kg*0.4 yuan /kg=1 yuan. The purchase price of natural gas is about 3.5yuan/ M³, therefore, it can save 70% compared to natural gas. A 10ton boiler uses about 15,000m ³ of gas a day (24 hours operation), and the cost of using natural gas is 52,500 yuan. If 70% is saved, it will save 367,500 yuan a day, and 11 million yuan can be saved after 10 months of work a year. 10 tons of this kind of equipment investment of 300,000 yuan, 10 days can recover the cost.

6.There are restrictions on the installation space of old equipment transformation equipment. Can it be customized according to space?
Our company can adjust the direction of the feed machines and matching boxes, which can be designed separately according to the customer's site space and exempt the design fee.

7.What are the main advantages of your company's equipment compared with other manufacturers?
Our company has been established for more than 20 years and has been engaged in this business. Equipment quality and quality services are our foundation. We have never blindly ignored the equipment quality for sales.

The company has a professional technical team to provide customers with high -quality pre -sales planning and design, after -sales professional technical guidance. We are not only proficient in the operation and maintenance of our equipment, but also proficient in the entire set of systems used by customers.We know that our device is only the engine of the customer's entire set of energy equipment. The normal operation of the system requires the entire chain to operate without failure. Some peers may not have fully grasped the device of this company.

Our company has a professional after -sales guidance operation and maintenance team and strong after -sales capabilities.We have always pursued the zero -planning after -sales, so we insist on our equipment quality, but it does not mean that we are not capable of after -sales. On the contrary, our after -sales is an engineer with more than 5 years of installation and debugging experience, which can provide more accurate and timely services. More than 80%of companies in the same industry do not have a special after -sales team.

Our similar equipment can provide 18 million kcal per unit, more than 90% manufacturers in the same industry can only achieve 3.6 million kcal per unit; Our equipment can not only realize automatic, but also realize cloud control. A mobile app can operate and monitor the operation of the equipment.

8.Is your equipment environmentally friendly and can it pass the inspection of relevant departments?
The equipment of our company has passed the test of provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, and there are relevant test reports. Our company has the national ISO quality management system certification, the design and production of all products are in line with the national product industry standards; Our company's newly designed catalytic low nitrogen combustion technology can meet the national emission standards without nitrogen removal treatment of exhaust gas; Our exhaust gas treatment equipment is complete, also welcome you to taste and purchase.


Application Of Rice Husk Powder Burner In Ceramic Factory
Haiqi environmental protection customized 6 million kcal biomass burner for Xinzheng ceramic brick production factory was deliveried and completed the installation and commissioning as planned.

The factory is a well -known local tile production leading enterprise. Even if the strength is excellent but in the face of the high cost of traditional petrochemical fuel, it has also affected the sustainable development of the enterprise. Because spray drying powder is a high -energy production process for the ceramic industry. The domestic ceramic industry is now in the backward situation of high energy consumption and high sludge. The hot air furnace is a hot air source for spray tower. The high fuel costs are high and ultra -high pollution restricts the healthy development of the ceramic industry.

The person in charge of the factory contacted Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology through accidents and learned that Haiqi Environmental Protection developed a biogenic gasification low -nitrogen burning machine thermal source system suitable for China's national conditions and targeting the ceramic building materials industry.

The system uses various biomass fuels to replace traditional fuel, and at the same time, combined with the use of Haiqi environmental protection low -nitrogen biomass gasification machine, avoiding disadvantages such as high pollution and high cost, opening up the energy -saving model of biomass energy for the industry.

The system uses biomass fuels such as rice shell powder to quickly send high temperature flames into the hot air furnace hall through fluidization spray combustion. Production and use, and multi -point linkage control, only one person operates this move greatly reduces the cost of fuel and improves the product competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

The person in charge of the ceramic factory said that because the system adopts modular assembly, the construction period is short, and the investment can be recovered in 2-3 months of operation, which truly maximizes the benefit for our users. And wood chips, template, rice husk, wood chips, particles, bamboo chips, wood powder, sanding powder, Chinese medicine residue, fruit shell and other agricultural and forestry solid waste can be used, the cost is higher than the traditional energy cost performance, than fuel gas saving 60-80%. I feel very satisfied.

How to buy a mobile power plant?

Haiqi Modular mobile power plant is referred to as "mobile energy station". According to market demand, Haiqi Environmental Protection has independently developed mobile gasification unit module, mobile power generation module, pretreatment and flue gas treatment module. Because the system is a non-standard system, it can be customized according to the actual use of users.
Haiqi mobile energy station is mainly divided into two types of systems:

1.Flue gas type system
Mainly according to the characteristics of raw materials developed, currently only HAIQI-60KW and HAIQI-120KW two models. It is mainly used for industrial garbage, household garbage, Marine garbage and other complex raw materials with low calorific value.

2.Gas type system
Mainly around the processing of biomass raw materials as the core, there are four models including HAIQI-60KW, HAIQI-120KW, HAIQI-240KW, HAIQI-480KW. The main raw materials are: biomass pellets, wood chips, branches, straw briquette, nut shells and so on.

3. Supporting system
The system outputs cogeneration, and mobile seawater desalination module, mobile energy storage module, mobile fuel gas purification module, mobile power generation module, etc., can be added according to the actual situation of users.

4.Purchase services

According to the actual needs of users, the system can choose internal combustion engine power generation, external generator, ORC and other cogeneration systems according to local conditions.

Because the system is non-standard customized, the cost range of the system is large, and Haiqi can only give the specific price after the user provides the detailed energy consumption demand.

Intended customers can fill in the questionnaire, mobile energy station after sending to Haiqi marketing staff to get the quotation.

What is a Modular Power Plant?
With the acceleration of the world's networking process, various industries have put forward concepts such as "Internet +" and "big data". In the power generation industry, corresponding concepts have also been proposed. However, for a long period of time, various types of power plants find it difficult to carry out the corresponding internetization of power station management under the existing management mode in the management process. In this paper, combined with the centralized control management of power station, the feasibility of realizing the intelligent power plant based on the centralized control management of power station is studied, and the method of upgrading the intelligent power plant by modularization is studied.

Based on China's "Internet Plus" and "big data" background, Haiqi Mobile energy station upgrades modular power plants to a 5G smart energy management system. Through modularization, the workload of EPC project is reduced by more than 90%, the cost of transportation and installation is reduced, and the mobility of the factory is convenient to promote the financial leasing market of mobile power plants. The installation cycle, which originally takes 15-20 days, can be shortened to 2 days through modularization, reducing civil and installation costs by more than 70%.

What is gasification?
Gasification is a thermochemical process in which solid organic matter is converted into a synthetic combustible gas. This can be achieved by using high temperatures, even over 1000°C, and limiting the oxygen supply, so that complete combustion of the introduced material does not occur and the resulting gas maintains a certain energy content.

What is Combined Heat and Power?
It is produced simultaneously by mechanical energy, which in turn can be converted into electricity and heat (for example, hot water).

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