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The running time of Haiqi waste gasification system
The operation time of Haiqi waste pyrolysis gasification system is generally 7500H/ year.

Introduction of Haiqi waste pyrolysis gasification technology
Working principle: Haiqi pyrolysis gasification technology adopts the principle of pyrolysis gasification to treat solid waste, ensuring the stability and efficiency of combustion conditions without any auxiliary fuel.

Technical advantages: "high combustion temperature, low heat reduction rate, small fly ash discharge, low dioxin emission concentration".

Economic advantages: It has "simple and compact furnace structure, convenient operation of starting and stopping furnace, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption".

Environmental advantages: The secondary combustion chamber burns small molecular flammable gases, which produce pollutants, such as SOx(acid gas) and NOx (nitrogen oxide), dioxins, heavy metals are very small, especially the amount of fly ash is much lower than the amount of fly ash produced by grate furnace technology and fluidized bed technology, which greatly reduces the secondary pollution caused by waste disposal to the environment, and also reduces the cost of exhaust gas treatment.

According to the characteristics of garbage in our country, the pyrolysis gasification system has realized the two-stage treatment process of garbage, first pyrolysis gasification and then oxygen-rich combustion, which makes the garbage completely combustor, and the thermal reduction rate and leaching toxicity of the treated residue are lower than the national standard. This technology has a leading level in China, and is a relatively safe and economical waste treatment technology.

Because the pyrolysis gasification chamber (secondary combustion chamber) burns gas, the excess air coefficient is small, so the amount of flue gas produced by pyrolysis method is less than that of direct incineration method, especially the content of SOX, NOX, HCL, HF and heavy metals and other pollutants in the flue gas is less. It is beneficial to the purification of flue gas and reduces the discharge and treatment cost of secondary pollution.

The pytolysis gasification process is carried out under anaerobic or anaerobic conditions, which reduces the generation of dioxin precursors. The temperature in the secondary combustion chamber is as high as 1100℃, and the residence time of flue gas is more than 2s, which can quickly decompress dioxin substances, thus reducing the content of heavy metals, dioxin and other harmful substances in the fly ash discharged after waste treatment, and greatly reducing the secondary pollution caused to the environment.

The unique structure design of pyrolysis gasifier keeps the operation condition relatively stable, makes the feeding and discharging process controllable, and it is convenient to start and stop the furnace, and easy to maintain.

The unique temperature field distribution of the pyrolysis gasifier not only does not need to add auxiliary fuel, which is conducive to the pyrolysis gasification of waste, but also makes the thermal efficiency higher and the heat reduction rate lower. The grate works in the low temperature area, avoiding the thermal influence of high temperature on the grate, reducing the cost of equipment manufacturing, improving the reliability of equipment operation, and extending the service cycle of equipment.

The design of pyrolysis gasifier is scientific and reasonable, the structure is simple and compact, easy to realize automatic control, light weight, easy to arrange, short construction period; Low energy consumption and cost, less occupation, low investment, obvious economic benefits.

Pyrolysis gasifier has strong adaptability and wide application range. It can not only deal with garbage with high calorific value, but also deal with garbage with low calorific value. It can be applied to the treatment of urban household garbage and industrial garbage.

Is Haiqi's waste pyrolysis gasification technology patented? How to prevent others from imitating?
Haiqi already owns the invention patent of waste pyrolysis gasification system. For the contribution of waste pyrolysis gasification to the environment, Haiqi is more willing to share the technical barriers and help peers solve the current problems. As for imiting the technology that we think is not good at a glance, it is okay to learn to go.

Industrial Improvement Q&A

1.What is gasification ?
Any kind of chemical or heat process that transforms material into gas.

2.What is semi-gasification?
During the combustion process of biomass, it is accompanied by the entry of gasification gas and air , called semi -gasification of biomass.

3.How to use biomass to replace fossil energy?
Traditionally, there are two best ways to use biomass to replace fossil fuels, one is semi-gasification, the other is full gasification.

4.How to achieve sustainable energy development?
We will develop renewable energy and biomass green energy to jointly achieve sustainable development.

5.How to use biomass to reduce the cost of enterprises?
This is a very good method. As fossil energy is getting shortage and the problem of global warming, the most practical thing is how to help enterprises reduce the cost of energy use is the top priority. Biomass is a very good alternative. The thermal value and volatilization are very high -quality. Of course, the most important thing is the renewable attribute. Both direct combustion and gasification can help companies achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction.

6.Which industries of biomass material application?
It can be used in the industry that can be used in thermal energy. The chemical industry, the power industry, the energy industry, and the food industry can be applied to biomass.

7.Biomass application industry: textile, printing and dyeing industry? The beverage industry? Switchry and drying? Chemical, forging? papermaking? Squeeze oil?
Yes, So many industries can be transformed using biomass energy. These industries have a common feature that is inseparable from heat. While producing so many products, it is necessary to continuously provide continuous energy to the production line.The role of Haiqi's products here is to provide these companies with continuous energy, and transform waste biomass materials into high -quality clean energy through Haiqi gasification system. Protect the energy -consuming enterprise.

8.Advantages of biomass gasification system connect with boiler ?
Compared with the traditional oil-fired or gas-fired boiler, the gasification system is basically no different from the traditional boiler, and the most important point is that energy is controllable and produced by itself. All energy discourse rights are in the hands of the enterprise, and they will not be passive by energy companies to increase their prices at will. Personally, I think this is the focus.

9.The technology of gasification system docking boiler?
The main technological process of gasifier docking boiler is mainly include: storage and feeding system, gasification system, boiler system, flue gas treatment system, chimney and so on.

10.Economic benefits of gasification system docking boiler?
Compared with the current market price of diesel and natural gas, it can effectively save more than 40% of energy costs. (Based on local biomass raw material prices).

11.What is biomass burner ? What are the benefits of biomass burners?
Biomass burner uses semi-gasification combustion technology. Compared with gasification system, its advantages are also obvious, such as small investment but fast return, high efficiency. Disadvantages: Because it is semi-gasification system, the tolerance of raw materials is not high, unlike the gasification system can burn many kinds of raw materials.

12.Biomass burner compared with fossil energy?
Biomass burners can save about 45% of energy costs compared to natural gas (based on biomass wood chips).

13.The successful cases of biomass burning ?
More than 2000+ projects are in operation at home and abroad.

14.The applicable raw materials for biomass burners ?
Haiqi has five types of biomass burner, according to different raw materials to design different models. There are mainly biomass pellet burner, biomass wood sawdust burner, biomass wood powder/pulverized coal burner, biomass wood chip burner, biomass multi-fuel burner. All of the above models have formal test reports to prove that they can be used in special equipment and pressure vessels.

15.Raw material for biomass gasification?
Biomass gasification raw materials include everything, straw, wood chips, nut shells, branches, bark, tree roots, building templates, shavings and so on.

16.Haiqi biomass gasifier control system introduction?
Haiqi gasification system adopts DCS+5G remote intelligent energy management system, which can timely send operation conditions to the owner according to the use of the project. The core components adopt Siemens control template, ABB frequency converter and Schneider electrical components to ensure continuous and stable working conditions.

Where is Haiqi's most important market?
At present, Haiqi's most important markets are mainly located in Europe and Southeast Asia, mainly in biomass gasification power generation systems and biomass gasification industrial transformation projects. In recent years, more and more enterprises and governments have begun to pay attention to the benefits of biomass carbon, and the demand for biomass carbonization is also increasing, which is one of the key global projects that Haiqi is laying out.

Will Haiqi consider investing in new energy projects in the future?
At present, HAIQI is laying out the renewable energy field and investing several sets of systems in Europe, which are expected to be put into operation in 2023. In the future, HAIQI will welcome global customers to negotiate and cooperate with an open attitude.

What kind of company is Haiqi?
Haiqi is a science and technology enterprise focusing on renewable and new energy equipment, research and development, production, sales and operation. At present, it has served more than 2000+ overseas enterprises and provided energy services for many overseas enterprises.

Brief Analysis of the Meaning of "Haiqi"
The specific meaning of the word "Haiqi" by the founder Mr. Su Zhenjiang is that, as the name implies "sea", hundreds of rivers and rivers into the sea, symbolized a broad mind, profound Chinese national culture has a profound connotation, "Qi" is also a beautiful life that people yearn for, "jade" is as pure, sincere and united, invincible, The name "Haiqi" has profound meaning and expresses "Haiqi" from the Book of Changes. The Earth, the Sky and the Tai Triagram." Ziqi East, Kylin known out, Danfeng Xiang, here a metaphor for the sage has virtue set an example, noble support, rising, both: noble moral character to truth-oriented business philosophy, people-oriented development strategy, expressed the Haiqi firm faith, self-improvement, the pursuit of the spirit of struggle.