Haiqi Equipment Sales Model
Haiqi is to better serve the public customers, whether you are a large state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise owner. Haiqi will provide you with high-quality services as always. For some small or large projects, Haiqi adopts the traditional equipment buying and selling mode.
Equipment Sales Process
1. Early telephone communication
2. Site investigation
3. Develop solutions
4. Bidding or direct business
5. Sign business contract
10. After-sales and maintenance services
9. Post operation service
8. On-site installation and commissioning guidance
7. Completion of balance payment and delivery
6. Production equipment ordered with advance deposit
Product Quality Assurance
1. Haiqi products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other quality system certification.
2. International CE certification, TUV, SGS, and other quality certification.
3. Certificate of passing quality inspection of ex-factory products.
4. The product implements the "Three Guarantees Policy". For failure or damage caused by the quality of the product itself, Haiqi implements the "repair, replacement, and return" policy.
Repair and Maintenance Services
1. Because Haiqi provides customized products for customers, each system is different, so you must follow the operation guide and operation and maintenance instructions. Shut down regularly for maintenance, do not overload the machine, and do not follow the manufacturer's instructions for operation and use. Haiqi needs paid services if there are some problems.

2. Haiqi products provide free warranty maintenance within 1 year. If there is any quality problem within 1 year, Haiqi will provide customers with free maintenance and spare parts services. After 1 year, Haiqi will charge the on-site maintenance fee and the cost of accessories for a fee.
After-sales and installation and commissioning
1. If there is any abnormality or damage in the process of using Haiqi products, please stop the machine in time to avoid potential safety hazards, and then please contact Haiqi after-sales department to solve the problem in time. Arrange relevant technical personnel to come to solve the problem.

2. The after-sales response time depends on the distance of the region, 48 hours in China, 72 hours in Southeast Asia, 72 hours in Europe, and 60 hours in North America and South America. Haiqi will ensure the stable operation of customer equipment according to the region.
Payment and Shipping
1. The payment terms for Haiqi to sign a business contract are 30% advance payment and 70% payment before delivery. If there are special circumstances or special circumstances, it can be adjusted as appropriate.

2. For general small projects, Haiqi follows the above payment terms, and the product is guaranteed for one year free of charge, and the equipment is guaranteed for life.

3. International projects generally follow FOB or CIF quotations, and Haiqi undertakes land or sea transportation costs according to business. Haiqi does not bear the transportation costs within China.

4. International payment accepts TT, LC payment, only wire transfer payment is accepted in China, and acceptance payment is not accepted.
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