organization structure
Kylin New Energy
International Group (HongKong) Co.,ltd
Mainly serving as an overseas investment entity, with five subsidiaries
Green char Innovative Energy Technology (HongKong) Co., Ltd.
Is mainly responsible for overseas equipment business;
Haiqi Green Energy (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Is mainly responsible for the development and operation of the Southeast Asian market;
Shanghai Haiqi Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Is mainly responsible for financing leasing, project operation and maintenance, and other projects;
Shanghai Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Is mainly responsible for market development and equipment development;
Henan Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Is mainly responsible for manufacturing new energy equipment
Professional technical team
Stella Cheng
Ms.Stella Cheng, studied in the United Kingdom and the United States. She has served as Senior Vice President of Hong Kong Junhao International Group, Director and Ambassador of Macau Lotus Charity Foundation, Executive Director of Shanghai Paramount Culture and Entertainment and other senior positions. Ms.Stella has rich experience in enterprise operation, product marketing, OEM, ODM, etc., and has solid human resources in Hong Kong and Macao. She is the Chairman of Haiqi Group, mainly responsible for the group's international public relations and developing international business cooperation.
Su Zhenjiang
Mr. Su Zhenjiang graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1981 and is the Chief Engineer of the Company. He majored in Thermal Power. Mr. Su is an expert in atomic power, high temperature and high pressure supercritical boilers, internal combustion engines and steam turbines. Mr. Su has worked as a chief engineer in China's central enterprises and participated in the construction of thermal power plants of 300MW/H, 500MW/H, 1000MW/H, and has rich experience in the engineering design and construction of supercritical and ultra-supercritical power plant boilers. In 1995, Mr. Su Zhenjiang founded Haiqi, focusing on thermal energy and power technology. Haiqi's four core technologies for solid waste treatment are all developed by Mr. Su Zhenjiang and have achieved good feedback and success in the international market.
Steven Su
Mr. Steven Su graduated from the People's Liberation Army University and went to Australia to study, and has been working in Haiqi since 2009. Mr. Steven has rich experience in overseas project management and design, majored in electromechanical engineering and international trade, and has been leading Haiqi's team to achieve 30%-50% annual growth since he joined the company. He is mainly responsible for the product technology research and development of the group company and the project management of its subsidiaries, the management, maintenance and development of major customers, and cooperates with the chairman to lead the team to complete various group assessment indicators.
Leo Cheng
Mr.Leo Cheng, graduated from Durham University, UK in 2016 and postgraduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Australia. He has worked for a number of start-up and listed fintech companies in Hong Kong. Later on, he founded his own real estate and financial consulting company in Hong Kong. He has rich experience in financial analysis and business management.
Chen Cheng
Global Partner and CEO of Thailand Branch Office
Mr. Chen Cheng graduated from Jiangnan University, majoring in fermentation engineering, and postgraduate studies in wastewater recycling technology for the fermentation industry ("National 863 Project"). Mr. Chen has held senior positions such as Director of Wastewater and Water Treatment at Nimro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Investment Director for Southeast Asia at Pan Aisa Waterworks Company Limited, the Thai subsidiary of Yunnan Water Investment Co. He is fluent in Chinese, English, Thai and other languages, and has settled in Thailand for more than 10 years, with experience in project management, investment and M&A in Southeast Asian countries. He is now the CEO of Haiqi Thailand Branch, mainly responsible for the development and management of all Haiqi’projects in Southeast Asia.
Parin Patanaporn
Global Partner, Thailand
Mr. Parin (Thai) graduated from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England with an MBA, and has served as Technical Director of Hydrotek Co., Ltd Wastewater Disposal Project, General Manager of Hydrotek Public Company Limited Desalination Project, and has extensive project management experience in wastewater disposal and desalination projects. He is familiar with Thai, English and Chinese and has many years of project and engineering experience. He is now the general manager of Haiqi Thailand Branch, responsible for the operation and management of all projects in Southeast Asia.