President Address

In the context of the global epidemic, 2020-2022 will be an extraordinary year for the global energy crisis and food crisis caused by the ravages of viruses, global warming, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Many physical enterprises have also caused problems such as layoffs and layout reduction. With the rise of energy costs, many enterprises have begun to look for new energy alternatives.

Biomass as a renewable new resource, is an excellent energy substitute with zero carbon, carbon reduction and negative carbon, and is currently being widely used in the world. Haiqi New Energy Co., Ltd., as an excellent biomass energy equipment leading enterprise, has been deeply involved in the biomass energy field for more than 20 years. At present, it is helping nearly 2,000+ enterprises in the world to complete energy conservation and emission reduction work. From 2019 to 2022, it will assist customers to complete carbon reduction of 80,000 tons. Helping companies save money has always been Haiqi’s development creed. Using biomass raw materials and using Haiqi’s biomass gasification system to help companies complete green transformation is also the goal that Haiqi has always wanted to achieve and develop together with all users to achieve a real sense of Win-win.

2022 is also an extraordinary year. With its excellent product technology and exquisite customer service, Haiqi was nominated for the first time in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. This is not only the recognition of Haiqi products, but also the affirmation of the hard work of the Haiqi company's employees. This year, Haiqi factory also won the China National High-tech Enterprise, and obtained 65 related patents including inventions. 2 patents. As a technology-based innovative enterprise, the market demand is the driving force for Haiqi to move forward.

In 2022, Haiqi will continue to expand in the technical field and release the mobile biomass power generation system, mobile low-temperature carbonization system, and mobile biomass gasification system according to user needs. Modifications and adjustments follow the development of the market. It has also made great achievements in the field of skid-mounted products, and has successively undertaken Greece's skid-mounted biomass gasification power generation system 1MW*12, Portugal's skid-mounted mobile carbonization system BC300*5, and Spain's skid-mounted mobile carbonization system BC500 *1, Swedish mobile skid-mounted carbonization system BC300*1, Portugal biomass skid-mounted gasification boiler system SR-3000*1. Currently in full swing and overtime production. In order to ensure timely delivery, Haiqi has established a special project department for each project to ensure that the products can be delivered on time while controlling the quality.

In addition to the improvement of product technology, Haiqi has specially developed a carbon asset system for customers, so that users can know in real time how much carbon indicators are produced in their projects. Usually, in addition to long-term production of energy, additional carbon indicators can also be listed and sold in the trading system. Of course, Haiqi can also provide a consignment sales model. Many customers do not know how to operate carbon sinks. Haiqi can help customers realize their own green transformation.

The epidemic caused us to lose a lot, but also gave us a lot of opportunities. Haiqi has met many very friendly customers and partners. We sincerely hope that Haiqi and Haiqi's customers can grow together and make progress together, and strive to contribute to the society and the world.

                                                January 2023 Written in Shanghai Haiqi Headquarters