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The Main Business Model of Haiqi

1.Sales of equipment
Normal industrial equipment sales, according to the actual needs of customers to customize the equipment required for processing.

2.MC (Energy Management Contracting)
Contract energy management is an energy saving investment method that pays the full cost of energy saving projects with reduced energy costs. This model allows users to use future energy savings benefits to upgrade plants and equipment, reduce operating costs, and improve energy efficiency.

3. BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer)
BOOT is a build-owner-operate-handover system. This approach clarifies the ownership of the BOT approach, and the project company has both management rights and ownership rights during the special license period. Is a specific manifestation of BOT mode.

4.Rental of equipment
According to different types of projects, financial leasing services can be provided for projects according to local banks or Chinese banks.

5.Technology joint venture
According to the actual situation of the project to provide technical services and later operation and maintenance services.

6.Equipment joint venture
According to the customer's situation, Haiqi can use part of the equipment to invest in the project, reduce the risk of customer's investment, and jointly operate the project with the technical party Haiqi.

Haiqi's Board of Directors
The board of directors of Haiqi is composed of CEO(Stella), CTO(steven), CFO(EVA) and ChairMan (Mr Su) to provide decision-making services for the efficient operation of the group.

Is Haiqi a listed company?
The company plans to be listed on the main board of Hong Kong in the future as a leading start-up in the renewable energy field in mainland China. In the future, we will actively deploy Haiqi biomass polygeneration gasification system in the field of global renewable distributed energy to make a contribution to global sustainable development.