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High Quality Biochar From Haiqi
The professional biochar machine manufacturer, Haiqi, is committed to turning biomass waste into biochar and providing you with customized solutions.
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New Achievements Haiqi Achieved In 2023
Haiqi has made brilliant achievements in the fields of biomass gasification, biochar production and carbon removal, and has been widely praised in the industry.
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Biomass Carbonization Waste Heat Power Generation Drying System
Learn about the new launched biochar machine form biochar pyrolysis equipment manufacturer with 29 years of experience: Haiqi’s biomass carbonization plant.
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Haiqi Group at Bio360 Expo
Bio360 Expo helps us connect with people who are also passionate about making a positive impact on the earth. Thanks to those who joined us in these important conversations at Bio360 Expo!
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Haiqi Has Become the Technology Partner of
The cooperation between Haiqi and Puro earth proves the reliability of its biomass carbonization equipment, and Haiqi will continue to provide carbon removal solutions with 28 years of pyrolysis experience.
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Biomass Gasification Power Plant
Explore Haiqi’s biomass gasification power plant and learn about the high efficiency and energy saving of biomass energy, which is an excellent solution for turning waste into energy.
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