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Thai Customers Visit Haiqi' s Factory
Haiqi's biomass gasification equipment can convert wood waste, straw, rice husks, nut shells, feces & sludge, etc. into electricity, syngas, heat energy, etc., giving full play to the secondary utilization value of biomass waste.
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What are the Advantages of Biomass Pyrolysis?
Biomass pyrolysis refers to the process of heating biomass in an oxygen-free environment to cause its decomposition to produce biochar (the main product), gas and bio-oil. Through this process, we can effectively convert biomass into energy products.
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What Kind of Feedstocks are Suitable for the Biomass Pyrolysis Plant?
Biomas pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of biomass that occurs in the absence of oxygen. The pyrolysis equipment are suitable for a wide range of feedstock.
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Customers Visit Haiqi Carbonization Pyrolysis Plant
Recently, our customers came to Haiqi's factory in Shangqiu to visit Haiqi CNBC series carbonization equipment. Our CEO Mr. Steven and Marketing Manager Mr. Jesse led customers to visit the factory and had in-depth exchange with them based on this biomass carbonization project.
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Haiqi Group Shines at IFAT Exhibition
Chinese environmental protection giant Haiqi Group has attracted widespread attention with its innovative gasification pyrolysis technology at IFAT.
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Haiqi Biomass Pyrolysis Plant Tested before Delivered to Malaysia
Transform your waste into valuable energy with our cutting-edge biomass carbonization system. After rigorous trial operations, we are proud to announce that our state-of-the-art carbonization unit is ready to put into operation!
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