Customers Visit Haiqi Carbonization Pyrolysis Plant

Release Time:2024-05-28
Recently, our customers came to Haiqi's factory in Shangqiu to visit Haiqi CNBC series carbonization equipment. Our CEO Mr. Steven and Marketing Manager Mr. Jesse led customers to visit the factory and had in-depth exchange with them based on this biomass carbonization project.

Our client provided the feedstock to be used in their planned carbonization project: palm leaf samples and their detailed test report. According to the report, this feedstock has the characteristics of thin thickness, low humidity (less than 15%), and high biochar production rate. After evaluation, our engineers believe that the palm leaf is very suitable for biomass carbonization. Moreover, based on such evaluation results, technicians proposed an optimization plan and suggested that them remove the dryer and granulator from the entire equipment configuration to reduce project cost and improve production efficiency.

During the visit to the factory, Mr. Steven introduced the operation method and carbonization process of Haiqi's carbonization pyrolysis equipment to clients in detail, and showed how Haiqi's carbonization equipment converts biomass feedstock into high-quality biochar as well as the application prospects of biochar in energy, environmental protection and other fields.

The palm leaf samples provided by the customer effectively verified the adaptability of Haiqi's pyrolysis equipment in processing various raw materials, and also increased our confidence in serving a wider range of industries. In the future, Haiqi will continue to optimize equipment performance, and provide cleaner and more efficient energy solutions to global customers. If you are considering developing an energy project, please do not hesitate to contact us. The professional Haiqi team is always here.