Haiqi Group Shines at IFAT Exhibition

Release Time:2024-05-20
Last week, the world's largest environmental exhibition IFAT, was held in Munich, Germany, concluded successfully. This exhibition brings together more than 3,000 environmental protection companies globally to discuss new trends in environmentally sustainable development. As one of the exhibitors, Chinese environmental protection giant Haiqi Group has attracted widespread attention with its innovative gasification pyrolysis technology.

Haiqi Group attaches great importance to this IFAT. Board members personally make preparations and attended the exhibition, had in-depth exchanges with customers and experts in the environmental protection field from all over the world, and conducted in-depth discussions on popular concerns such as waste management and carbon removal.

With its professional knowledge and rich experience, Haiqi team demonstrated leading biomass pyrolysis equipment to customers. Through advanced pyrolysis technology, Haiqi's biomass pyrolysis equipment can convert biomass waste into high-value biochar, bio-oil and other energy products, while significantly reducing carbon emissions. This innovative negative emission technology not only conforms to global environmental protection trends, but also provides new ideas for solving the increasingly serious energy crisis. During the exhibition, many customers expressed strong interest in Haiqi's technology and expressed their intention to cooperate.

Mr. Steven, CEO of Haiqi Group, said that the IFAT exhibition provides Haiqi with an important platform to showcase its technical strength and expand international cooperation. Through in-depth exchanges with global customers, Haiqi not only gained valuable industry information, but also established extensive cooperative relationships. Haiqi will continue to uphold the concept of "innovation, environmental protection, and win-win" and contribute more to the realization of the net zero goal.