Benefits of Biomass Pyrolysis Plant

Release Time:2024-06-21
With the increase of global crop cultivation area, the amount of agricultural waste such as straw produced worldwide every year is astonishing. However, for a long time, these straw wastes are often simply piled up or burned, which not only wastes valuable resources, but also causes serious pollution to the environment. As people's awareness of global climate change and environmental protection increases, green low-carbon recycling agriculture has become an important direction for future agricultural development. 
With the current background, Haiqi biomass pyrolysis equipment rises to the occasion. With its high efficiency, safety and green features, Haiqi biomass pyrolysis equipment has become an excellent solution for the utilization of agricultural waste. Let's take a deeper look at this equipment and see how it helps traditional agriculture realize green transformation.


What is Biomass Pyrolysis Carbonization Equipment?

Biomass carbonization equipment is a kind of equipment specially used to convert various biomass raw materials into biochar. Various kinds of biomass-based waste are used as feedstock (e.g. rice husk, straw, nut shells, forest waste, etc.), which are heated to 550-700 ℃ in an oxygen-free environment. During this process, pyrolysis gas is produced, as well as biochar,  which can be used as a soil conditioner and added back to the soil to promote crop growth. From the soil and ultimately back to the soil, biomass pyrolysis carbonization is a long-term effective cycle in sustainable agriculture.

 3 Key Advantages of Biomass Pyrolysis Equipment 


Biomass pyrolysis equipment adopts double-layer design of carbonization furnace body, which can minimize heat loss and improve pyrolysis efficiency. This ingenious design structure makes the heat circulate in the furnace, which not only ensures the full heating of raw materials, but also makes the heat utilization more efficient. At the same time, the system is also equipped with a rotary heating system to ensure that the feedstock are evenly heated in the furnace, which further improves the pyrolysis efficiency.

In addition to the double-layer design, the biomass pyrolysis equipment also adopts advanced low-NOx combustion technology which effectively reduces the heat loss in the combustion process and improves the combustion efficiency. At the same time, low nitrogen combustion technology also reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases, effectively avoiding environmental pollution.


Biomass pyrolysis equipment also excels in safety. The equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel and nickel-based alloy materials, with excellent high temperature and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the sealing performance of the equipment has been greatly improved, and the multi-layer sealing design ensures the high safety of the whole furnace.

The safety of pyrolysis plant is further enhanced by the intelligent detection system. The system can monitor the temperature, pressure and other key parameters in the furnace in real time, and once abnormal conditions are found, the system will automatically issue an early warning and take corresponding safety measures. For example, when the temperature inside the furnace is too high, the system will automatically shut down the gas pipeline and discharge the combustible gas, thus eliminating potential safety hazards and preventing safety accidents.

Environment Friendly

Firstly, the energy generated from the whole pyrolysis process can be used to drive the pyrolysis equipment, realizing self-sufficiency of energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels. Secondly, the raw materials of the equipment are mainly agricultural wastes such as biomass straw, which are pure in composition. And we don’t use any catalysts or chemicals in the pyrolysis process, so they do not produce hazardous substances that have a negative impact on the environment.

In addition, the biomass pyrolysis plant is equipped with an advanced exhaust gas treatment system. The system consists of two main parts: a bag filter and an electric precipitator, which can effectively remove dust and harmful substances from the exhaust gas. The treated exhaust gas meets the EU 2019 emission standards and will not cause additional burden on the environment. The electric precipitator system has a very high dust removal efficiency, can capture very small dust particles, and has excellent high temperature resistance and can handle flue gas up to 400℃.

Environmental protection is not only the core concept of Haiqi's biomass energy solutions, but also the cornerstone of its sustainable development. In today's pursuit of sustainable development, with its excellent technical strength and firm environmental protection beliefs, Haiqi contributes indispensably to reducing emissions and sequestering carbon in agriculture and rural areas and developing low-carbon recycling agriculture.