Customers from Kenya visit Haiqi Factory

Release Time:2024-06-25
Recently, Haiqi Group received two customers from Kenya, whose main purpose of this visit was to seek for the efficient utilization of waste cashew nutshells. Our sales manager Jesse introduced Haiqi's advanced technology in the field of pyrolysis waste heat power generation and gasification power generation to the customers, and led them to visit the pyrolysis waste heat power generation drying equipment in the factory.

Led by Jesse, the Kenyan customers visited the production and finished product workshops of Haiqi Group. They witnessed the pyrolysis waste heat drying equipment, which was about to be sent to Portugal, and expressed great interest in the equipment. Jesse introduced in detail the working principle of pyrolysis waste heat power generation and gasification power generation, as well as the advantages of these technologies in improving the utilization efficiency of biomass waste and reducing the environmental pollution.

Kenya is rich in waste agricultural biomass, such as cashew nut shells, coffee bean shells, etc. However, these resources are often neglected or wasted. How to convert these waste biomass into energy, minimize the cost and maximize the economic benefits is an issue we both need to consider.

Haiqi Group has always been committed to promoting the cause of environmental protection and sustainable development, through continuous technological innovation and service optimization, to provide efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions for customers around the world. We hope to reach a cooperation with Kenyan customers to further promote the practical application of biomass gasification pyrolysis in the international arena, and at the same time, inject new vitality into the energy business of Kenya.