Haiqi 500KW Waste Gasification Power Generation Project in Thailand

Release Time:2024-06-19
Project Name: 500KW Waste biomass Gasification Power Generation

Location: Thailand

Installation Date: July 20, 2014

Feedstock: Municipal Solid Waste

Processing Capacity: 1 ton per hour

Operation Mode: Continuous

Supporting Equipment: Internal Combustion Power Generation System

Project Overview

In July 2014, a 500KW waste gasification power generation project was successfully commissioned in Thailand, aimed at addressing the challenges of municipal solid waste management while generating renewable energy. This innovative project utilizes advanced waste gasification technology to convert municipal solid waste into electricity, demonstrating a sustainable solution to waste disposal and energy production.

This project provides significant economic and environmental benefits, including of:

(1)Waste Reduction: The gasification process reduces the volume of municipal solid waste, alleviating the burden on landfills and reducing environmental pollution.

(2)Renewable Energy Generation: By converting waste into electricity, the project contributes to the generation of renewable energy, enhancing energy security and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

(3)Cost Savings: The continuous operation and high efficiency of the system result in substantial cost savings compared to traditional waste disposal and energy production methods.

(4)Carbon Emission Reduction: The project helps to reduce carbon emissions by utilizing waste that would otherwise decompose and produce greenhouse gases in landfills.


The 500KW waste gasification power generation project in Thailand showcases the successful implementation of advanced waste-to-energy technology. By transforming municipal solid waste into clean electricity, the project not only addresses waste management challenges but also provides a sustainable source of renewable energy.

Working with the Haiqi team:

With biomass gasification at its core, Haiqi is committed to low carbon, zero carbon and carbon negative renewable energy solutions. We embrace diverse partnerships that enable us to deliver cutting-edge projects and drive meaningful change in the renewable energy industry. We look forward to working with you.