Haiqi Biomass Pyrolosis Waste Heat Drying Project in Portugal

Release Time:2024-06-19
Project Name: Biomass Pyrolysis Waste Heat Drying

Location: Portugal

Installation Date: September 20, 2024

Feedstock: Wood Chips

Processing Capacity: 1.2 tons per hour

Operation Mode: Continuous

Supporting Equipment: Raw Material Crushing and Screening System

Client Background:

Our client is a prominent Portuguese biomass energy company dedicated to sustainable and renewable energy solutions. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, the company has been actively seeking advanced technologies to enhance their biomass processing capabilities. The client operates several biomass plants across Portugal and has extensive experience in handling various types of biomass feedstocks, including wood chips, agricultural residues, and other organic materials.

The client's commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency aligns perfectly with the objectives of this project. By integrating advanced biomass carbonization technology with waste heat utilization, the client aims to further reduce their carbon footprint and improve the overall efficiency of their operations.

Project Overview:

Scheduled for installation in September 2024, this project will leverage Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.'s expertise in biomass gasification and carbonization to implement a cutting-edge biomass carbonization waste heat drying system. The goal is to convert wood chips into biochar while utilizing the waste heat generated during the process for drying purposes.

Key Components & System Process:

1.Feedstock Preparation System:

Crushing and Screening: The raw wood chips undergo initial processing to ensure uniform size and quality, suitable for efficient carbonization. The crushing and screening system guarantees that the feedstock meets the necessary specifications for the subsequent carbonization process.

2.Carbonization System:

Carbonization Reactor: At the heart of the system is the carbonization reactor, where wood chips are subjected to high temperatures in an oxygen-limited environment. This process converts the biomass into biochar while generating significant amounts of waste heat as a byproduct.

3.Waste Heat Recovery and Drying System:

Heat Utilization: The waste heat produced during the carbonization process is captured and redirected to a drying system. This approach maximizes energy efficiency by repurposing thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Drying Process: The captured heat is used to dry incoming wood chips, reducing their moisture content and preparing them for further processing or direct use. This continuous drying process ensures optimal efficiency and productivity.

4.Control and Monitoring System:

Automated Control: The system is equipped with advanced automation, featuring multiple sensors and control units to ensure precise operation, safety, and efficiency.

Remote Monitoring: The control system includes remote monitoring capabilities, allowing for real-time oversight and adjustments to optimize system performance.

For this program, Haiqi Team strengths include:

Efficient Resource Utilization: Capturing and reusing waste heat significantly improves overall energy efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

Continuous Operation: The continuous operation mode ensures a stable and reliable process, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime.

Cost Savings: The integration of waste heat recovery with the drying system results in substantial cost savings, lowering operational expenses and increasing profitability.

Emission Reduction: The project contributes to lower emissions by improving the efficiency of the biomass carbonization process and reducing the need for additional energy sources.


The biomass Pyrolysis  waste heat drying project in Portugal showcases the successful integration of advanced biomass processing technologies to achieve sustainable and efficient energy utilization. By converting wood chips into biochar and effectively utilizing the waste heat for drying, the project provides a practical solution for enhancing energy efficiency and resource management. This innovative project highlights the potential for biomass technology to contribute to environmental sustainability and economic viability in various industrial applications.

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