Biomass Wood Chip Burner Project in China

Release Time:2024-06-18

The Haiqi biomass burner docking steam boiler project is designed to provide stable steam energy to the local area by utilizing biomass waste such as wood chips, branches and twigs. The set of woodchip burner consumes about 5400kg-6000kg of feedstock per hour, which can provide 30T of steam for the boiler and is designed to run for 7500 hours/year, realizing the efficient use of steam production.

The main raw materials for this project are wood chips and tree branches, which are abundant and low-cost, with a price of about $700-800 per ton, which has a clear cost advantage over traditional energy sources.


One Person on Duty

What makes this project stand out is the fact that the entire system is manned by one person. One labor can effectively monitor the operation of the Wood Chip Burner and steam boiler, responding to any potential problems in a timely manner, and ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently for a long period of time. This human resource-saving arrangement significantly reduces O&M costs and improves the reliability and stability of the system compared to traditional burners that require more than one person to operate.

Economic Benefits and Return on Investment

Due to the low labor cost, coupled with the cost control of biomass resources and efficient energy supply, the project is expected to achieve a return on investment in as little as one year. This not only results in a significantly shorter payback period, but also significantly improves the project's economic efficiency. By reducing operating costs, the project provides a reliable and affordable energy option for local industry and production.

(Exhaust Gas Treatment System)