9 Million Kcal Biomass Wood Flour Burner Project in China

Release Time:2024-06-20
Project Name: 9 million kcal biomass wood flour burner project
Project Location: Shanghai
Installation time:2020.04.14
Feed name:Biomass wood powder
Processing capacity: 1.5-2 tonnes/hour
Operation mode: continuous
Supporting equipment: fuel gas boiler

Project Overview:

The core equipment of this project is the 9 million kcal biomass wood flour burner, which is capable of continuously processing 1.5-2 tonnes/hour of biomass wood flour, ensuring an efficient and stable energy supply. The burner adopts advanced combustion technology and is used in conjunction with an existing oil-fired gas boiler to achieve efficient combustion of biomass wood flour. It not only helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, but also greatly reduces the operating costs of enterprises.

Environmental benefits:

The use of biomass wood powder as fuel greatly reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, which is in line with national environmental standards. Compared with traditional fossil fuels, the residue from the burning of wood flour reduces pollution of the atmosphere and is also easier to dispose of.

Renewable energy utilisation:

Biomass wood flour is a renewable energy source that is widely available and sustainable. Through the use of wood flour burners, enterprises effectively utilise this renewable resource and reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources, which is in line with the general trend of global energy transition. The application of wood flour burners promotes the widespread use of renewable energy and the optimisation of the energy structure.

Circular economy:

The recycling of resources is realised by converting wood processing residues into efficient energy. Biomass wood powder as fuel not only solves the problem of waste disposal, but also provides a continuous and stable energy supply for enterprises.

Economic benefits:

Reduce fuel cost: the cost of biomass wood powder is much lower than traditional fossil fuels, and the fuel expenditure of enterprises is greatly reduced after using the wood powder burner.
Improve energy utilisation efficiency: the high efficiency combustion technology of the 9 million kcal biomass wood flour burner ensures higher heat utilisation and reduces energy waste.
Reduced maintenance costs: the wood flour burner has lower maintenance and operating costs and a longer equipment life.