Haiqi 10-Ton Biomass Gasification Furnace Integration with 10-Ton Hot Water Boiler Project in China

Release Time:2024-06-20

Project Name: 10-Ton Biomass Gasification Furnace Integration with 10-Ton Hot Water Boiler
Location: Qingzhou, Shandong
Installation Date: November 20, 2017
Feedstock: Biomass Wood Chips
Processing Capacity: 2 tons per hour
Operation Mode: Continuous
Supporting Equipment: Hot Water Boiler

Project Overview:

In November 2017, a pioneering project was executed in Qingzhou, Shandong, featuring the integration of a 10-ton biomass gasification furnace with a 10-ton hot water boiler. This project underscores the effective utilization of biomass gasification technology to produce sustainable heat energy for hot water production, showcasing an innovative approach to renewable energy and resource efficiency.

Why Choose Haiqi Biomass Gasifier System?

(1) Automated Control: The integrated system features advanced automation, with multiple sensors and control units ensuring precise operation, safety, and efficiency.

(2) Remote Monitoring: The control system includes remote monitoring capabilities, enabling real-time oversight and adjustments to optimize performance.

This project offers significant economic and environmental advantages:

(1) Efficient Resource Utilization: By utilizing biomass wood chips, a renewable and abundant resource, the project promotes sustainable resource management and reduces dependency on fossil fuels.

(2) Continuous Operation: The continuous operation mode ensures a stable and reliable supply of hot water, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

(3) Cost Savings: The integration of gasification technology with the hot water boiler system results in substantial cost savings compared to traditional energy sources.

(4) Emission Reduction: The clean combustion of syngas leads to lower emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, contributing to environmental protection and compliance with stringent emission standards.

Three reasons why biomass gasification power generation technology is chosen?

First, the technology has full flexibility. Since biomass gasification power generation can use internal combustion engines or gas turbines, or even combine with waste heat boilers and steam power generation systems, biomass gasification power generation can be based on the size of the scale of the selection of appropriate power generation equipment to ensure that there is a reasonable power generation efficiency at any scale.

Secondly, it has better cleanliness. Biomass itself is a renewable energy source, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful gases such as CO2 and SO2.

Thirdly, the economy and the flexibility of biomass gasification power generation technology can ensure that the technology is effective and good economy in small scale, at the same time, the gas power generation process is simple and the equipment is compact, which also makes the biomass gasification power generation technology less investment than other renewable energy power generation technology, so in general, the biomass gasification power generation technology is the most economical power generation technology among all the renewable energy technologies, and the comprehensive power generation cost has been close to the level of small-scale conventional energy generation.


The 10-ton biomass gasification furnace integration with a 10-ton hot water boiler project in Qingzhou, Shandong, exemplifies the successful application of biomass gasification technology for renewable heat energy production. By converting biomass wood chips into a valuable heat source for hot water generation, the project addresses the need for sustainable energy solutions and demonstrates a practical approach to efficient resource utilization. This innovative project highlights the potential for biomass gasification to contribute to environmental sustainability and economic viability in industrial applications.

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