Haiqi Biomass Gasifier Docking Steam Boiler Project

Release Time:2024-06-19
We are pleased to share with you an industrial application case of biomass gasification designed and constructed by Hai Qi team. The project is located in China, where the biomass gasifier buttresses the steam boiler and saves huge energy costs.

Project Overview

The project uses biomass wood chips as raw material, and produces steam and high value-added biochar through gasification technology. The project integrates Haiqi HQ 2600 model upward-suction fixed-bed gasifier with SZS gas-fired steam boiler system to achieve efficient biomass resource utilization and cost optimization.

The whole gasification system produces 5 tons of steam per hour and consume 1 ton of biomass wood chips as raw material per hour.

Key Equipment

1.Biomass gasifier: Haiqi HQ 2600 model gasifier is adopted, with up-suction fixed-bed design, suitable for processing a large amount of biomass feedstock.
2. Burner system: ensure combustion efficiency and stability.
3. Steam boiler: SZS gas steam boiler system is adopted to provide heat energy for the gas produced by gasification to be converted into steam.

Attached Equipment

1. Low-temperature denitrification system: to deal with the nitrogen oxides produced in the combustion process.
2. Bag dust removal flue gas treatment system: to ensure that the flue gas emission after combustion meets the requirements of environmental protection.
3. Circulating water system: improve energy utilization efficiency and system stability.
4. Control system: Integrate the intelligent control of various equipments to realize automatic operation and monitoring.

Economic Benefits

o Intelligent design of the gasification system and optimization of fuel costs have resulted in a significant reduction in comprehensive operating costs.
o Compared with traditional fossil energy sources, the operating cost per ton of steam is saved by at least 40%.
o The market value of each ton of steam is $300, while the market value of each ton of biochar is between $1,200 and $1,800, bringing high value-added income to the project.