Haiqi Waste Gasification Power Plant

Release Time:2024-04-02
Haiqi waste pyrolysis gasification power plant was successfully put into use in China. At the heart of Haiqi's waste gasification power generation project lies the principle of converting waste materials into valuable energy resources through advanced gasification technology. Unlike traditional waste disposal methods such as landfilling or incineration , which poses significant environmental risks and contribute to pollution, gasification offers a cleaner and more efficient alternative.
Location China
Processing Capacity 450T/Day
Feedstock MSW
Target Energy  Electricity
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One of the key advantages of Haiqi's gasification technology is its versatility and flexibility in handling various types of waste materials. From municipal solid waste and agricultural residues to biomass and industrial by-products, the system can accommodate a wide range of feedstocks, thereby reducing reliance on landfills and mitigating environmental pollution. In addition to waste power generation, biomass energy solutions are also a key sector that the Haiqi team has been working on. Biomass gasification power generation, hydrogen production from biomass, biochar production, negative carbon project development, etc.