Haiqi Biomass Carbon Negative Project was included in the UNIDO ITPO Beijing 2023 Annual Report!

Release Time:2024-04-09
We are thrilled to share with you that the Haiqi Biomass Carbon Negative Project has been included in the UNIDO ITPO Beijing 2023 Annual Report! We are honored to be recognized for our efforts to make positive change in the world. Let us introduce you to this eye-catching biomass carbonization cogeneration project.

The project is located in Malaysia, with rubber wood, agricultural and forestry waste and palm EFB as feedstock for the entire carbonization process. The combustible gas generated by the biomass through Haiqi carbonization equipment is purified and then enters the power generation system. During the purification process, tar and wood vinegar can be obtained from the combustible gas. The biomass is carbonized at a temperature of 600~650°C in isolation from the air to obtain biochar. One ton of biochar can offset 2.3 tons of CO2. This project is expected to be put into operation in May this year. The project is estimated to produce 15,000MW of electricity, 11,625 tons of biochar, 2,250 tons of wood tar, 4,500 tons of wood vinegar and 26,738 tons of carbon-negative carbon sinks annually.

We are grateful to UNIDO IPTO Beijing for its support during the implementation of the project. Haiqi Group will continue to be an active participant in addressing climate change, provide the world with clean and efficient renewable energy solutions, and help achieve sustainable development goals!