Revolutionary Energy Solution From Haiqi

Release Time:2024-04-18
In the search for sustainable energy solutions, Haiqi Biomass Carbonization System is a revolutionary energy solution.

One of the outstanding features of the Haiqi biomass carbonization system is that it is suitable for a variety of feedstocks, whether it is agricultural residues, forestry wastes, industrial sludge or animal manure, they can all be converted into high value-added biochar. Wood vinegar and wood tar can also be obtained as by-products through this set of carbonization equipment.

In addition, the Haiqi biomass carbonization system also integrates advanced power generation and waste heat utilization systems. This innovative setup maximizes biomass utilization by utilizing the heat and syngas generated during the carbonization process. 

It cannot be ignored that environmental protection considerations are also an important part of Haiqi’s biomass carbonization equipment solutions. It is equipped with state-of-the-art dust collectors and filters to ensure meticulous treatment of exhaust gases and meet EU exhaust emission standards.
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