Thai Customers Visit Haiqi' s Factory

Release Time:2024-06-14
Recently, Haiqi Group was honored to receive several customers from Thailand, who came with the project concept of syngas production by gasification of sorghum straw.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Jesse introduced the well-designed gasification system model of Haiqi to the customers. This system integrates advanced biomass gasification technology and is capable of converting agricultural waste such as sorghum straw into clean and efficient syngas. Of course, besides syngas, electricity, biochar and thermal energy can also be obtained through the gasification equipment.

After in-depth communication with the customer, we learned that they want the gas produced by the gasification equipment to be mixed with natural gas, and the calorific value of the mixed gas needs to reach the same level as that of pure natural gas. We know that the composition and calorific value of the syngas produced from biomass gasification is significantly different from that of natural gas, and therefore precise control and optimization is required to match the calorific value of the blended gas. The fixed bed gasifier and fluidized bed gasifier became the focus of our discussion, and Jesse analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of gasifiers from various perspectives.

This exchange has pushed us to explore the wider application of gasification technology. It is clear that a more sustainable future is getting closer. We are convinced that together we can contribute to the development of the renewable energy sector.