New Achievements Haiqi Achieved In 2023

Release Time:2024-03-08
On this hopeful Women's Day, March 8, 2024, Hai Qi Group wishes women around the world a happy holiday! Just as the sun shines on the earth, the strength and wisdom of women are also lighting up our world. On this special day, we not only celebrate the achievements of women, but also look forward to their brilliance in the future. As an enterprise leading the trend of energy technology, Haiqi New Energy understands the importance of women's power in promoting our business development. Therefore, we will continue to create an equal and inclusive working environment, so that every female employee can give full play to their potential and contribute their wisdom and strength to the development of Haiqi New Energy. We are standing on a new starting point, and looking forward to the future of Haiqi New Energy with confidence. Looking back at the past year, Haiqi New Energy has made remarkable achievements in the field of biomass gasification and biomass thermal cracking, further consolidating our leading position in the global carbon negative energy equipment field.

In 2023, Haiqi New Energy successfully delivered a number of carbon-negative projects by virtue of its excellent technology and innovation ability, including Malaysia biomass 2MW cogeneration carbon-negative project, Portugal biomass carbon-negative project, Vietnam carbon-negative project and Spain carbon-negative project. The successful implementation of these projects not only proves Haiqi New Energy's leading position in biomass gasification technology and biomass pyrolysis technology, but also wins us wide recognition in the international market.

In the field of biomass gasification, Haiqi New Energy has successfully developed a highly efficient and stable biomass gasification system through continuous technological R&D and innovation to convert biomass waste into clean and renewable energy. The successful application of this technology not only helps to reduce environmental pollution, but also provides sustainable energy solutions for rural areas.

In the field of biomass pyrolysis, Haiqi New Energy has also achieved remarkable results. The biomass pyrolysis technology developed by us can convert biomass waste into high-quality biocarbon, which has a broad market application prospect. The promotion and application of this technology will make an important contribution to the transformation of the global energy structure and sustainable development. In addition, Haiqi New Energy has been awarded the Carbon Negative System Certification by in Europe, which further reflects our design and manufacturing power in the global carbon negative energy equipment system. Looking into the future, we will continue to follow the implementation standards of EBC/WBC and commit to leading the development direction of the carbon negative complete system industry.

At the same time, we also know that the success of our customers is our greatest value. Therefore, in the future, Haiqi New Energy will increase the cooperative relationship with customers, through the Group to increase the investment in global projects, for customers to reduce the project investment risk as well as technical risk. We will share the same destiny with our customers, work hand in hand, and face the challenges and opportunities in the market together.

In the new year, Haiqi New Energy will continue to increase R&D investment, promote technological innovation, and continuously improve the level and application effect of biomass gasification technology and biomass pyrolysis technology. We will work closely with our customers to promote the development of carbon-negative energy business and contribute more to the realization of the transformation of global energy structure and sustainable development. We believe that in the future, Haiqi New Energy will write a brilliant chapter of sustainable development together with you all!