High Quality Biochar From Haiqi

Release Time:2024-03-19
Biochar has been a hot topic in recent years - after all, in the context of such a severe climate and energy crisis, any topic related to energy attracts attention. Opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of biochar vary. Some argue that the continued fermentation of the biochar topic has the potential to be even more devastating to the environment that exists now, as it could lead to land conversion for specialized biochar crops and/or more deforestation due to the pursuit of profit by some, thus destroying the existing land and biological balance. But one thing we need to realize is that a huge amount of biomass waste that can be used to make biochar is being wasted (scrap wood, agricultural waste, sludge, manure, etc.) and more and more entrepreneurs and stakeholders are realizing this and have already started to act to use this waste to produce biochar. So all in all, the prospects for comprehensive development regarding biochar are still promising, as it has ample advantages beyond just being an effective carbon-negative solution.

Biochar can regulate soil acidity and alkalinity to increase soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth; the high surface area and porosity of biochar significantly increase the soil's water-holding capacity, which also creates living space for soil microorganisms and reduces plant pests and diseases; the good adsorption capacity of biochar can effectively adsorb toxic or hazardous substances in the soil, providing a good soil environment for plant growth.

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