Discover Key Concerns in Biomass Generation

Release Time:2023-08-24
Recently, we conducted a small-scale voting survey on some items related to biomass power generation plant. In addition to power generation efficiency, what are the most concerned points in Value of By-Product, CHP Capability, and Exhaust Emissions? The results showed that Exhaust Emissions received the most votes. This result was within our expectation. As the situation of climate change becomes increasingly severe, various forces are exploring effective energy solutions, and various countries have also introduced policies and formulated strict exhaust emission standards.

Therefore, most people consider exhaust emissions to be an important factor when considering a solution. It is gratifying that the system provided by Haiqi Group complies with EU exhaust emission standards, and can be debugged according to the policy requirements of the customer's region, striving to provide customers with the most satisfactory energy solutions.

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