Haiqi biomass pellet burner project based in China

Release Time:2024-06-20
Project Name: 3.6 Million Kcal Biomass Pellet Burner Project
Location: Dezhou, Shandong
Installation Time: 7th December 2019
Feed Name: Biomass Pellet
Processing Capacity: 600kg/hour
Operation Mode: Continuous
Supporting equipment: Dryer
Core product: Biomass burner

Project Background:

With China's increasing demand for renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies, biomass combustion technology, as a green and environmentally friendly energy solution, has been widely promoted in industrial applications. The 3.6 million kcal pellet burner project located in Dezhou, Shandong Province is an important practice of Haiqi's commitment to promoting environmental protection, circular economy and renewable energy utilisation.

Project Overview:

This project was installed and put into operation on 7 December 2019 in Dezhou, Shandong Province. This biomass pellet burner project adopts biomass pellets as the main feed material, which is efficiently burned through the biomass burner with a processing capacity of 600kg/hour and a continuous operation mode. In order to match the efficient operation of the biomass burner, the project is also supported by the installation of a dryer.

Environmental benefits:

The biomass pellet burner significantly reduces the emission of harmful gases such as CO2, SO2 through complete combustion at high temperatures, reducing pollution emissions.
Utilisation of waste: Biomass pellets are usually processed from agricultural and forestry waste, which is converted into energy through combustion, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

Circular economy:

The project utilises biomass pellets, a renewable resource, to achieve efficient recycling of waste and promote efficient use of resources.

Reduced Costs:

Using biomass pellet burner as fuel reduces dependence on fossil fuels, which can significantly reduce energy costs.

Renewable energy:

As a renewable energy source, biomass can be utilised in a sustainable manner, and the implementation of the project will help to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energy sources and promote the popularisation of renewable energy.

Diversification of energy sources:

The use of the dryer ensures optimal combustion of the biomass pellets and improves energy efficiency.

Economic Benefits:

The use of biomass pellets significantly reduces fuel costs, while the high efficiency of the biomass burner reduces energy consumption and overall operating costs.

Return on Investment:

By reducing fuel costs and environmental penalties, the project shortens the payback period and improves the economic efficiency and market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Through the use of biomass combustion technology, it provides users with an efficient and environmentally friendly energy solution. In the future, Haiqi Company will continue to be committed to promoting the application of biomass energy and help the world achieve the goals of low carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development.