Biomass Gasification for Heating in Thailand

Release Time:2024-06-26
Haiqi Group successfully implemented a biomass gasification heating project for a rubber manufacturer in southern Thailand, realizing the energy upgrade of hot air drying.

Project Overview

This project is located in the southernmost natural rubber production base of Thailand, and the client is a well-known natural rubber manufacturer in the region. They used LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) as fuel, which consumes a large amount of energy per hour, and the price of the fuel is high at RMB 5.3/kg, which makes the cost of using it expensive. At the same time, the customer also operates a wood processing company, which produces a large amount of waste wood chips as raw material every day.

In response to the customer's actual needs and local conditions, Haiqi customized the charcoal gas multiplex biomass gasifier. The project adopts advanced biomass gasification technology to convert waste wood chips into a combustible gas mixture consisting of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4), which is used to replace the original LPG fuel.

Project Implementation Effect

Substantial reduction of energy costs: By adopting the biomass gasifier for heating, the customer has successfully realized self-sufficiency in fuel and almost achieved zero fuel cost. Compared with the original LPG, the fuel cost has been reduced by about 80%;

Enhanced economic benefits: the sale of biochar for use as activated charcoal, industrial charcoal, civil mechanism barbecue charcoal, etc. has brought additional economic benefits to the customer; biochar can also be used as charcoal-based fertilizer and soil remediation agent, etc.

The successful implementation of this project has brought significant environmental and economic benefits to the customer, and also demonstrated the great potential and broad prospects of biomass gasification technology. In the future, Haiqi will continue to devote itself to the research, development and promotion of biomass gasification technology to provide more enterprises with efficient, environmentally friendly and economical energy solutions. If you need, please contact our team.