Haiqi Biomass Gasifier Docking Food Drying Furnace

Release Time:2024-06-26
Project Background

This project is located in Jaipur, the economic and cultural center of India. With the development of the city, the food processing industry is gradually emerging, and there is a growing demand for drying equipment. However, traditional drying methods are often accompanied by high energy consumption and environmental pollution. In response to the call for sustainable development, we introduced an innovative solution - using Hai Qi 1T biomass gasifier to dock the food drying oven.

In this project, Haiqi' s team chose 1T biomass gasifier as the main energy supply equipment. The gasifier can efficiently convert biomass waste into gas to provide a stable heat source for the food drying oven. The heat requirement of the food drying oven is 600,000 kcal, and the gas production of the biomass gasifier can fully meet this requirement of the customer.

Environmental Advantages of Biomass Waste Gasification

Reducing environmental pollution: Biomass gasifier takes biomass waste such as wood chips, pellets, corn cobs and briquettes as raw materials, and produces renewable gas through gasification reaction. This way effectively reduces the environmental pollution caused by biomass waste stacking and incineration, such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide produced during biomass gasification can be absorbed by subsequent plant growth, realizing carbon recycling. Compared with fossil fuels, biomass gasification has obvious advantages in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.
Promote resource recycling: Biomass waste gasification not only solves the problem of agricultural waste disposal, but also converts waste into valuable energy. This kind of resource recycling helps to realize sustainable economic and social development.