Why Biochar Matters?

Release Time:2023-11-13
With the rapid development of industrialisation and urbanisation, the face of the world has changed dramatically. But behind this change, more and more frequent human activities are also making the other face of the earth change quietly: global warming, sea level rise, extreme weather increase, etc., which all reminds us all the time: climate action, urgent!

As the United Nations has said: energy is at the heart of the climate challenge and the key to solving it. The search for renewable and clean energy sources to replace fossil fuels is already a unified consensus among all forces. Against this background, biomass energy has come into the limelight. And biochar, as the most dazzling existence among them, has attracted wider attention.

Plant straw, branches and leaves, discarded wood, fruit shells and other organic materials, cracking, to get a stable carbon load product, which is biochar, can be permanently sequestered in the soil of carbon dioxide, so as to achieve the effect of negative carbon, reduce carbon emissions and alleviate the problem of global warming. In addition to mitigating climate problems, improving soil quality is one of the significant benefits of biochar. The porous structure of biochar can effectively lock up nutrients and water in the land, and also provide a place for beneficial microorganisms in the land to live.
It's easy to see that biochar has a crucial role to play in achieving our carbon reduction initiatives. If you're looking for an energy solution, we'd love to discuss it with you. More than simply selling machines, we look forward to having a deep discussion with you about the future of biochar.