Things You Didn’t Know About Wood Vinegar and Wood Tar.

Release Time:2023-10-08
In addition to the main products such as biochar and electricity, wood vinegar, wood tar, and carbon sinks are also the important outputs of our Biomass Carbonization CHP System that cannot be ignored. Carbon sinks are already a familiar term. Perhaps you don't know much about wood vinegar and wood tar, so please allow me to describe their uses.

Where can wood tar be used?
1. Wood tar can be used for wood preservation treatments. The hydrocarbons in wood tar have no affinity for water molecules, which leads to its hydrophobic nature, as a result moisture tends to slide off the surface of the wood, greatly reducing the chances of moisture entering the wood. In addition, the compounds in wood tar can inhibit bacterial growth, which effectively prevents wood rot and decay.
2. Wood tar can be used as a raw material for pesticides. As mentioned in the first point, wood tar contains components that can inhibit the growth of bacteria and pests, which can be used to make insecticides, fungicides and repellents, which can improve the yield and quality of crops.
3. Wood tar is used as an industrial and chemical raw material. Produced through the pyrolysis of wood, the resin content of the wood is released. After refining, it can be used to make adhesives, paints, coatings and various other industrial products.

Where can wood vinegar liquid be used?
1. It can be used as a deodorant. Wood vinegar liquid contains phenolic compounds that can chemically react with and neutralise odour molecules to eliminate and reduce the intensity of odour. In addition, wood vinegar liquid has an adsorption effect, which can capture and retain unpleasant odour molecules for the purpose of deodorisation.
2. It can be used to improve the soil. Wood vinegar liquid contains many kinds of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, especially potassium, which is high in wood vinegar liquid and is vital for the growth and development of plants. Moreover, wood vinegar liquid is acidic, it can neutralise the acidity and alkalinity of the soil and improve the quality of the soil.
3. It can be used as animal feed additive. Containing a variety of organic compounds, wood vinegar liquid can add nutrients to animals and enhance their immunity. In addition, wood vinegar liquid can also promote the production of beneficial probiotics in animal intestinal tract, promote animal digestion and absorption, and promote animal growth.