Hai Qi Group Joins UNIDO's Fourth Industrial Revolution Industry Alliance Advancing Forward

Release Time:2023-11-15
We are honoured to share with you that Hai Qi Group has taken an important step forward as a member of UNIDO's Fourth Industrial Revolution Industry Alliance.

In this ever-changing world, the fourth industrial revolution is quietly approaching, we are faced with opportunities as well as challenges. However, the future is not unfathomable. It is more like a rainstorm in hot summer. With the help of technology and innovation, we will touch the magical space-time that we have not yet discovered. 
Haiqi will live up to its expectations and continue to dig deep into the field of carbon-negativity, and promote the goal of sustainable development from the supply chain, process flow, employee training and other dimensions. We are committed to integrating these goals into our products and application scenarios, assisting our customers at home and abroad in their decarbonisation journey, and contributing to the realisation of carbon neutrality.

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