Biochar: Earth's Carbon Cure

Release Time:2023-09-11
As an effective way of carbon sinks, biomass carbonization is constantly attracting attention due to its extremely low impact on the environment. In this context, besides simply providing biomass carbonisation equipment, Haiqi is passionate about providing you with a full set of biocarbon sink solutions. It is a complete and integrated solution and system, from finding the right carbon sink project for you in the early stage, life cycle assessment (LCA) of carbon sinks, to the opening of the carbon sink account, and assisting you in the subsequent carbon trading process. The whole process will be carried out with the participation of very authoritative third parties (Alibaba Clouds and Puro Earth) to ensure data accuracy and rigour. Based on such projects, we are eagerly looking forward to communicating and cooperating with you. (The picture is our Stationary Biomass Carbonisation System - CNBC).
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