Biomass Gasifier Docking 25 Tons Steam Boiler Project Zhejiang

Release Time:2024-06-13
Location: Ninghai, Zhejiang province
Product: Biomass Gasifier
Application: Ducking with a 25-ton steam boiler to produce 1.25 MPa saturated steam
Project power: 25T steamed Tons/Hour
Fuel Used: wood chips, Buidling Templates
Raw material price: 80USD/t
Steam cost: 26USD/t
System labor: 2 people
System operation: 7500h/year
Combustible gas: 15000m³/H
Biochar production: 180kg/h
Raw material consumption: 5500kg-6000kg/h
Raw material calorific value: 3800kcal-4200kcal/kg
ROI: 1 year

Project Overview:

The Ninghai project in Zhejiang employs five HQ3000 fixed-bed suction biomass gasifiers by Haiqi Environmental Protection as the heat source. These gasifiers are integrated with a 25-ton SZS gas-fired steam boiler system. This setup uses approximately 130 tons of fuel daily, generating over 400 tons of steam and around 20 tons of biochar each day.

The entire system comprises several key components:

Fabric Silo
Belt Loading System
Biomass Gasifier System
Burner System
Steam Boiler System
Low-Temperature Denitrification System
Bag Dust Removal Flue Gas Treatment System
Circulating Water System
Control System
System Flow

Feeding System:

Crushed building template fuel is transported to the biomass low-NOx gasifiers through a fabric bin and belt feeder.

Gasifier System:

Biomass raw materials undergo a cracking and redox reaction within the gasifier, producing combustible gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), and methane (CH4). These gases are delivered to the steam boiler through a specialized biomass gas burner, providing the necessary heat for steam production.

The remaining solid material is converted into charcoal. The gasifier's bottom is equipped with a rotating grate with a slagging function, which transports the slag to tonnage packages for easy packing and transport.

SZS Steam Boiler System:

The SZS gas-fired steam boiler is a horizontal quick-fitting double-bottom three-way water-cooled wall tube boiler. It uses an offset burner structure, with high-temperature flue gas sequentially flushing the second and third return water-cooled wall tubes before being discharged into the atmosphere via the chimney.

Advanced technologies such as dual-gas automatic proportional adjustment, automatic water supply adjustment, and automated start-stop operations are incorporated. Additionally, the boiler features high and low water alarms, extremely low water level protection, and ultra-high vapor pressure automatic flame failure protection.

Flue Gas Treatment System:

The SCR denitrification system ensures the NOx content in the flue gas remains below 30 mg/m³.
The bag dust removal system controls particulate content in the tail gas to 10-30 mg/m³, achieving ultra-low dust emissions without pollution.

Control System:

The system uses multi-point sensors for remote monitoring and adjustment, ensuring fully automatic control of the entire process.

Economic and Environmental Benefits:

The project represents an investment of 15 million RMB. By utilizing intelligent systems and inexpensive fuel, operational costs are reduced by at least 40% compared to natural gas energy. The daily value of the generated steam is approximately 90,000 RMB, and the daily value of biomass charcoal is about 20,000 RMB. The investment is expected to be recouped within 12 months, providing substantial value to the customer.

Global Presence and Future Collaboration with Haiqi:

To better serve our customers, Haiqi Group has established branches and R&D centers in 22 countries and regions worldwide. We look forward to further cooperation with global partners to promote renewable clean energy solutions. For partnership inquiries, please contact us.