Biomass Gasification For Dryer System
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System Diagram
Biomass Gasification
Multifunction Drying Waste Heat
1. Crusher
2. Control Room
3. Grab Crane
4. Raw Material Room
5. Hot Air Pipeline
6. Automatic Feeding System
7. Gasification System
8. Gas Burner
9. Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
10. Dryer Feeding System
11. Drying System
12. Chimney
13. ID Fan
14. Bag Filter
15. Multi Tube Ceramic Dust Removal
Control Room
Grab Crane
Raw Material Room
Hot Air Pipeline
Automatic Feeding System
Gasification System
Gas Burner
Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
Dryer Feeding System
Drying System
ID Fan
Bag Filter
Multi Tube Ceramic Dust Removal
Combustible Gas Pipeline
Hot Air Pipeline
Tar Pipeline
Hot Water Pipeline
Cold Water Pipeline
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Advantages & Features
Haiqi Focus on Alternative Energy Services,Customized solutions for long-term operations and maintenance for projects of all sizes.
Cleaner And More Environmentally Friendly
1.Haiqi biomass gasification system is used to transform traditional natural gas drying system, industrial calcination, industrial kilns, etc., which is cleaner, more stable, more efficient and lower cost.
2.A wide range of raw materials, renewable biomass fuel can be used, more green than fossil energy, lower cost, more environmentally friendly.
3.The gas temperature is high, and the temperature of hot air can be automatically adjusted according to the user's needs.
4.The cost of biomass gas is only 20%~30% of the cost of natural gas, and its economic value is considerable, which has an absolute advantage in industrial transformation projects.
Intelligent, Digital Intelligence
1.The system can be upgraded according to the user's original drying equipment, so as to realize the intelligent operation of the whole system and provide stable working conditions of the system operation.
2.It can provide 24-hour unattended solutions according to customers’ needs.
3.The system adopts multi-point control to detect the pressure, temperature and flow of the drying system online, and automatically adjust it according to different working conditions.
Safer, More Reliable
1.Haiqi biomass gasification system adopts intelligent interlocking system and user drying system interlock to ensure the reliability, continuity and stability of the system.
2.Ai multi-point collection system information, effectively avoid safety hazards, multi-point safety check valve, can automatically cut off flame retardant and explosion-proof in emergency, can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.
3.System operation more reliable, can provide stability, continuity, reliability for system operation.
Easier System Maintenance
1.The system structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to use, easy to maintain.
2.According to customer requirements to provide automatic system cleaning function, to achieve one-click cleaning.
3.Anti-blocking and explosion-proof, the system reminds users of maintenance time and maintenance cleaning area according to intelligent sensors.
4.The smart valve of the system helps users improve the explosion-proof function and eliminate potential safety hazards.
Biomass Gasification
Multifunction Drying Waste Heat System Flow Chart
Good economic benefits and superior environmental benefits play an important role in the development of green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and are the only way to promote green, circular and sustainable development.

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Biomass Gasification Multifunction
Drying Waste Heat System By-Product Drawing
Better environmental protection and energy-saving benefits; realize the efficient, pollution-free, and resource-based utilization of agricultural and forestry biomass, resulting in significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Parameters Of
Biomass Gasification Multifunction Drying Waste Heat System

Parameters Of Biomass Gasification Multifunction Drying Waste Heat System
Gasifier Model HQ-SR2200 HQ-SR2600 HQ-SR3000
Gasification Efficiency  ≥75% 
Syngas Heating Value  1100~1450kcal/kg
Raw Material Consumption 1000kg 1500kg 2500kg
Syngas Production 2200Nm³ 3300Nm³ 5500Nm³
Recoverable Heat 24*10⁴kcal 36*10⁴kcal 60*10⁴kcal
Dryer Specification ф3m*22m ф2.6m*22m(2 sets) ф3.2m*24m(2 sets)
Drying Quantity of Wood Chips(45% water to 20%) 4t/h 6t/h 10t/h
Ceramic Multicyclone 10t 15t 25t
Bag Filter 10t 15t 25t
Total Power 132kw 220kw 288kw
System Footprint 700m² 850m² 1000m²
The operating power consumption does not include the power consumption of log crushing equipment and feeding grab and the footprint of the system does not include the log crushing site.
Biomass Gasification
Multifunction Drying Waste Heat System Application Diagram

Biomass gasification technology has changed the traditional way of directly burning biomass to obtain energy. Through gasification technology, biomass is converted into clean combustible gas, which greatly improves the use range of biomass energy.
Biomass Drying Industry
Biomass Drying Industry
Biomass Drying Industry
Biomass Drying Industry
Biomass Raw
Material Types

Our advanced gasification technology has been extensively tested on nearly 78 types of gases.
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
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We provide medium and long-term solutions to the problems of biomass waste, transforming waste into energy at no environmental cost and making it economically viable and at the same time compatible with the international environmental regulations and standards
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