Biomass Gasification For Boiler System
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System Diagram
Biomass Gasification For Boiler System
1. Crusher
2. Control Room
3. Grab Crane
4. Automatic Feeding System
5. Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
6. Gasification System
7. Gas Burning System
8. Gas Steam Boiler
9. Denitrification System
10. Bag Filter
11. ID Fan
12. Chimney
13. Boiler Water Tank
14. Steam Outlet
15. Hot Air Pipeline
16. Soft Water Treatment System
Control Room
Grab Crane
Automatic Feeding System
Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
Gasification System
Gas Burning System
Gas Steam Boiler
Denitrification System
Bag Filter
ID Fan
Boiler Water Tank
Steam Outlet
Hot Air Pipeline
Soft Water Treatment System
Combustible Gas Pipeline
Hot Air Pipeline
Hot Water Pipe
Cold Water Pipeline
Stem Pipeline
Flue Gas Pipeline
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Advantages & Features
Haiqi Focus on Alternative Energy Services,Customized solutions for long-term operations and maintenance for projects of all sizes.
More Environmentally Friendly, Low Energy Consumption, Large Tonnage, Low Investment Cost And Fast Return
1.Haiqi gasification boiler system adopts low-nitrogen biomass gasification burner, which is more stable to connect with industrial boilers.
2.Green energy,environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the emission standard complies with the latest EU2019 standard.
3.The whole system uses the 5G smart energy management system which independently developed by Haiqi, it can reasonably match the energy utilization rate of the system.
4.The energy consumption of the system is lower, and the comprehensive efficiency of the gasification boiler system is ≥90%. Low investment and high return, Haiqi industrial gasification system can be customized according to customer requirements.
5.The power of a single system is 350kw~17MW, which saves the cost of single system for customers and speeds up the return on investment.
6.It can replace natural gas and oil and other fossil energy effectively, reduce the operating cost of enterprises, and improve the market competitiveness of products.
7.The cost of biomass gas is only 20%~30% of the cost of natural gas, and its economic value is considerable, which has an absolute advantage in industrial transformation projects.
Efficient And Stable, More Intelligent, More Secure
1.The comprehensive efficiency of the gasification system is ≥80%, the eefficiency is high, Cogeneration of carbon gas or only industrial gas can be provided according to customers' requirements.
2.The system can automatically adjust the energy consumption according to its own operating conditions.
3.The system can realize one-click start and stop function, making energy saving transformation easier.
4.The hardware facilities of the system are equipped with multiple explosion-proof intelligent valves and intelligent sensing systems, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the system without manual intervention after system faults.
High Energy Conversion Efficiency And Low Operating Cost
1.Haiqi biomass gasification system has a high energy conversion efficiency and can provide personalized solutions according to customers’ requirements.
2.The carbon slag produced by the system can be controlled within 1~3%, and the proportion of carbon slag can be adjusted according to the demand.
3.The system only needs one person on duty, or can provide 24-hour unattended service according to user needs, with low operating cost.
The System Has Longer Service Life And Easier Maintenance
1.The service life of Haiqi biomass gasification system is about 15~20 years.
2.The core components are made of stainless steel alloy material, and the system life is longer.
3.Haiqi biomass gasification system has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.
4.The whole system is clean and can realize with one-click cleaning and one-click start and stop directly without manual intervention.
Biomass Gasification
For Boiler System Flow Chart
Good economic benefits and superior environmental benefits play an important role in the development of green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and are the only way to promote green, circular and sustainable development.

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Biomass Gasification For Boiler
System By-Product Drawing
Better environmental protection and energy-saving benefits; realize the efficient, pollution-free, and resource-based utilization of agricultural and forestry biomass, resulting in significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Parameters Of Biomass Gasification
For Boiler System

Parameters Of Biomass Gasification For Boiler System
Serial Number Specification Unit Model Parameters
1 Gasifier Model   HQ-SR2200 HQ-SR2600 HQ-SR3000 HQ-SR3600 HQ-SR4000 HQ-SR4300
2 Heat Supply kcal/h 2.4 million 3.6 million 6 million 9 million 12 million 15 million
3 Tonnage Of Steam Boiler steam tons/h 4 6 10 15 20 25
4 Structure Type   Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier Rotating Bed Updraft Gasifier
5 Gasifier Area 180 200 250 300 400 500
6 Running Power Consumption kW ≈30 ≈35 ≈40 ≈65 ≈80 ≈100
7 Rated Raw Material Consumption kg/h ≈1000 ≈1500 ≈2500 ≈3750 ≈5000 ≈6250
8 Rated Gas Production Nm³/h ≈2100 ≈3150 ≈5250 ≈7875 ≈10000 ≈12500
9 Burner Thermal Power MW 2.8 4.2 7 10.5 14 17.5
10 Heat Recovery kcal/h 240000 360000 600000 900000 1200000 1500000
11 Bag Filter   4T 6T 10T 15T 20T 25T
13 Gasification Efficiency % ≥75
14 Gas Temperature ≤200
15 Calorific Value Of Gas kcal/Nm³ 1100-1450
16 Charcoal Output % 3-8
17 Charcoal Way   wet
18 Raw Material Size mm 30-80
19 Gas Composition   The main combustible components are CO, CH4, H2 and CmHn gaseous hydrocarbons
20 Emission   No waste water and no solid waste discharge except for the dust removal of exhaust gas after combustion
21 System Weight t 40 48 55 73 95 115
22 Container Quantity piece 2 2 3 3 4 4
Biomass Gasification For Boiler 
System Application Diagram

Biomass fuel is a new type of renewable and sustainable green energy. As a new type of energy boiler, biomass boilers will gradually replace coal, oil, gas, etc.
Drying Industry
Food Industry
Printing And Dyeing Industry
Smelting Industry
Textile Industry
Biomass Raw
Material Types

Our advanced gasification technology has been extensively tested on nearly 78 types of gases.
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
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We provide medium and long-term solutions to the problems of biomass waste, transforming waste into energy at no environmental cost and making it economically viable and at the same time compatible with the international environmental regulations and standards
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