Biomass Automatic Slag Burner
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Biomass Automatic Slag Burner
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System Diagram
Biomass Automatic Slag Burner Docking Boiler System
1. Silo
2. Belt Feeder
3. Slagging Burner
4. Second Combustion Chamber
Belt Feeder
Slagging Burner
Second Combustion Chamber
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Advantages & Features
Haiqi Focus on Alternative Energy Services,Customized solutions for long-term operations and maintenance for projects of all sizes.
Long Service Life Of System
1.The whole body is poured with first-grade high aluminum refractory material, the main engine adopts 4 layers of protective measures, and the whole body is cooled by water.
2.Professional refractory casting process, anchor nail reinforcement, reasonable expansion joint process.
3.The top of the furnace is protected by 4 layers of American refractory material, and the top cover is water cooled and insulated.
4.The muzzle is made of imported high aluminum material, resistant to scouring and high temperature.
5.Outer used water jacket protection, reduce the furnace surface temperature, fully protect the furnace body.
High Efficiency Of System
1.The main body adopts three layers of insulation, less heat loss, improve heat utilization.
2.High temperature pyrolysis multi-stage vortex aeration to ensure full combustion of raw materials and improves thermal efficiency.
3.Suspension semi-gasification combustion, increase the contact area with oxygen, so that the fuel combustion is fully uniform, the overall thermal efficiency of up to 85%.
More Secure System
1.Before and after the furnace, the system can be interconnected and interlocked, anti-debursting and anti-tempering.
2.System micro negative pressure operation, simple operation of one person on duty.
3.The furnace body is equipped with a display temperature, which can be observed at any time, to avoid high temperature damage to the furnace body and the danger of scalding operators.
High Return On Investment, More Saving Cost
1.The cost of biomass fuel is low, only 20%-30% of diesel and natural gas, automatic control saves labor costs, scientific and technological design efficiency is high, and the comprehensive energy saving effect is obvious.
2.Environmental protection standards, biomass fuel emissions are almost zero pollution, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are far lower than the national emission standards.
3.Recovery cost is fast, investment of tens of thousands of yuan, annual savings of millions.
Biomass Automatic Slag 
Burner Docking Boiler System Flow Chart
A biomass automatic slag burner uses renewable biomass energy as fuel to realize sustainable utilization of energy.
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Biomass Automatic Slag
Burner Docking Boiler System By-Product Drawing
Biomass automatic slag burner uses renewable biomass energy as fuel to realize the sustainable use of energy.

Parameters Of Biomass Automatic Slag Burner 

Parameters Of Biomass Automatic Slag ​​​​​​​Burner
Model Rated Thermal Power (10⁴kcal) Rated Voltage V Input Power KW Fuel Consumption Kg/h Matching Boiler T Dimensions L*W*H Outer Diameter Of Burner mm Outer Diameter Of Burner mm Shipping Weight T
HQ-LM-SC2.0 120 380 6 400 2 3000*3000*5100 700 2200 5
HQ-LM-SC4.0 240 380 11 800 4 3200*3000*6000 900 2730 9
HQ-LM-SC6.0 360 380 15 1600 6 3600*3200*6700 1000 3410 12
HQ-LM-SC8.0 480 380 29.5 1600 8 3800*3600*7100 1150 3460 20
HQ-LM-SC10.0 600 380 40.5 2000 10 4300*3800*7300 1150 3460 25
HQ-LM-SC15.0 900 380 52 3000 15 4500*4000*7300 1300 3600 30
HQ-LM-SC20.0 1200 380 67 4000 20 5000*4200*7800 1500 3600 40
Biomass Automatic Slag
Application Diagram

Haiqi biomass automatic slag burner are widely used in boilers, die-casting machines, industrial furnaces, incinerators, smelting furnaces, kitchen equipment, drying equipment, food drying equipment, ironing equipment, painting equipment, road construction machinery, industrial annealing furnaces, asphalt heating equipment and other thermal energy industries.
Drying Industry
Food Industry
Printing And Dyeing Industry
Smelting Industry
Textile Industry
Biomass Raw
Material Types

Biomass automatic slag burner is non-polluting and has obvious environmental protection benefits. It uses renewable biomass energy as fuel to achieve sustainable use of energy.
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
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We provide medium and long-term solutions to the problems of biomass waste, transforming waste into energy at no environmental cost and making it economically viable and at the same time compatible with the international environmental regulations and standards
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