Biomass Gasification Steam Power Generation System
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System Diagram
Biomass Gasification Steam Power Generation System
1. Crusher
2. Control room
3. Grab Crane
4. Raw Material Room
5. Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
6. Automatic Feeding System
7. Gasification System
8. Gas Burner
9. Gas Boiler
10. Steam Outlet
11. Gas Buffer Tank
12. Steam Turbine
13. Denitrification System
14. Bag Filter
15. Chimney
16. ID Fan
17. Soft Water Treatment System
18. Boiler Water tank
Control room
Grab Crane
Raw Material Room
Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
Automatic Feeding System
Gasification System
Gas Burner
Gas Boiler
Steam Outlet
Gas Buffer Tank
Steam Turbine
Denitrification System
Bag Filter
ID Fan
Soft Water Treatment System
Boiler Water tank
Combustible Gas Pipeline
Hot Air Pipeline
Hot Water Pipeline
Cold Water Pipeline
Steam Pipeline
Flue Gas Pipeline
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Advantages & Features
Haiqi Focus on Alternative Energy Services,Customized solutions for long-term operations and maintenance for projects of all sizes.
More Environmentally Friendly, More Energy-Saving
1.Biomass gasification and low-temperature cracking, the amount of fly ash soot produced by combustible gas after combustion is lower than that of direct combustion and incineration, which is more friendly to the environment.
2.The biomass gasification anaerobic combustion technology system has lower energy consumption, efficiency ≥80%, and the proportion of carbon and ash and slag can be adjusted according to user needs.
3.Lower energy consumption for the system, to make sure the operation cost of system effectively.
More Stable, More Intelligent
1.The system is intelligent interlocked and controlled by DCS, which can monitor the operating conditions of the system 24 hours in real time.
2.The 5G energy intelligent cloud system realizes online collection of data working conditions and helps users gain real-time insight into the stable working conditions of the system.The system monitors the multi-point safety smart valve in real time to help users solve potential safety problems.
The System Has High Energy Utilization Rate And Turns Waste Into Treasure
1.A wide range of raw material, high erergy utilization rate, can adjust the proportion of production of energy according to customers’ energy requirements.
2.Providing personalized customization according to the needs of users. Using the advantages of biomass gasification effiectively to achieve the demand of poly-generation energy supply.It’s more suitable for small-scale areas for Distributed small cogeneration system.
Lower Cost Of Operation
1.The system has low energy consumption, high energy utilization rate, low failure rate, and only one person on duty.
2.The system occupies a small area, simple operation, low NOX emission, low amount of fly ash, less consumption of exhaust consumables, low flue gas treatment cost.
Biomass Gasification
Steam Power Generation System Flow Chart
Good economic benefits and superior environmental benefits play an important role in the development of green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and are the only way to promote green, circular and sustainable development.

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Biomass Gasification
Steam Power Generation System By-Product Drawing
Better environmental protection and energy-saving benefits; realize the efficient, pollution-free, and resource-based utilization of agricultural and forestry biomass, resulting in significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Parameters Of Biomass
Gasification Steam Power Generation System

Parameters Of Biomass Gasification Steam Power Generation System
Power Generation 1.5MW 3MW
Steam Turbine Model N1.5-2.35;5.51,8.27 N3-2.35;5.33,16
Boiler Capacity 10t 20t
Steam Parameter 2.5MPa,400℃ 2.5MPa,400℃
Gasifier Model HQ-SR3200 HQ-SR4300
Gasification Effiency ≥75% ≥75%
Syngas Heating Value 1100~1450kcal/kg 1100~1450kcal/kg
Raw Material Consumption 2800kg/h 5600kg/h
Syngas Production 6160Nm³ 12320Nm³
Heat Recovery 60* 10⁴kcal 120*10⁴kcal
Bag Filter 10t 20t
Electrical Control DCS+Host computer DCS+Host computer
Operating Power Consumption 320kw 620kw
System Footprint 1000m² 1500m²
The operating power consumption does not include the power consumption of log crushing equipment and feeding grab, and the footprint of the system does not include the log crushing site.
Biomass Gasification Steam
Power Generation System Application Diagram

Seek ways to use the biomass gasification steam power generation system, which can not only solve the effective use of renewable energy, but also solve the environmental pollution of various organic wastes.
High Energy Consumption Plant
Remote Mountainous Ares
Wind Photovoltaic Power Plant
Biomass Raw
Material Types

Our advanced gasification technology has been extensively tested on nearly 78 types of gases.
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
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We provide medium and long-term solutions to the problems of biomass waste, transforming waste into energy at no environmental cost and making it economically viable and at the same time compatible with the international environmental regulations and standards
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