Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen
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System Diagram
Biomass Gasification For Hydrogen System
1. Crusher
2. Control Room
3. Grab Crane
4. Raw Material Room
5. Hot Air Pipeline
6. Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
7. Automatic Batching System
8. Gasification System
9. Combustible Gas Purification System
10. Underground Tar Tank
11. Air Compressor
12. Membrane Filtration
13. Gas Buffertank A
14. PSA Purification
15. Gas Relief Tank
16. 99.99% Hydrogen
17. Gas Distribution Tank
18. Gas Boiler
19. Internal Combustion Generator
Control Room
Grab Crane
Raw Material Room
Hot Air Pipeline
Circulation Water Heat Exchange System
Automatic Batching System
Gasification System
Combustible Gas Purification System
Underground Tar Tank
Air Compressor
Membrane Filtration
Gas Buffertank A
PSA Purification
Gas Relief Tank
99.99% Hydrogen
Gas Distribution Tank
Gas Boiler
Internal Combustion Generator
Combustible Gas Pipeline
Hot Air Pipeline
Tar Pipeline
Hydrogen Pipeline
Hot Water Pipe
Cold Water Pipeline
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Advantages & Features
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Polygeneration System, High Return On Investment, Good Economic Benefits
1.Biomass polygeneration gasification system can produce natural biochar, wood tar, wood vinegar liquid and other natural high value-added by-products.
2.The biogas produced from system can be used to extract H2,CH4, and CO, and the heat and electricity produced from the system can be used for industrial or civil use.
3.The general investment return cycle of biomass gasification hydrogen production system is about 3~4 years, which is a very economical project.
The System Is Safe And Stable With High Level Of Automation
1.The system adopts 5G smart energy management system, which can use PC or mobile terminal to remotely monitor the working conditions of the system.
2.The smart energy cloud system can share 20 years of system data to the cloud.
3.The system uses multi-point joint to collect control information, and ensures the safe and stable operation of the system through smart valves and multi-point sensors.
4.The system can be operated by only two people, which greatly saves the cost of labor operation.
Long Service Life Of The System
1.The body of the system adopts more than 60% alloy stainless steel corrosion resistant material to ensure the service life and high quality working condition of the system.
2.Biomass gasification system adopts frame structure to output the whole field, saving more than 50% of EPC total engineering quantity.
3.The system can provide personalized customized services according to the actual needs of customers.
The Comprehensive Energy Utilization Rate Of The System Is High
1.The energy utilization rate of biomass gasification polygeneration system reaches more than 90%, and zero emission is truly achieved through the cooperation between energy sources.
2.The centralized transformation of thermal energy generated in the system provides the energy utilization level of the whole system and ensures the safety and reliability of the system.
3.In addition to the extraction of combustible gas, other combustible gases produced by the system can be used to produce heat and electricity, ensuring high utilization of energy.
Biomass Gasification For Hydrogen System Flow Chart
Good economic benefits and superior environmental benefits play an important role in the development of green energy and energy conservation and emission reduction, and are the only way to promote green, circular and sustainable development.

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Biomass Gasification For Hydrogen
System By-Product Drawing
Better environmental protection and energy-saving benefits; realize the efficient, pollution-free, and resource-based utilization of agricultural and forestry biomass, resulting in significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Parameters Of Biomass Gasification For Hydrogen System

Parameters of Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen System
Gasifier Model  HQ-SR4000 HQ-SR4300
Gasification Efficiency  ≥75% ≥75%
Raw Material Consumption 5000kg/h 6250kg/h
Syngas Production/H  11000Nm³ 13750Nm³
Biochar Production/H 250-500kg 313kg-625kg
Wood Tar/H  5%-8% of raw material weight 5%-8% of raw material weight
Wood Vinegar/H  20%-25% of raw material weight 20%-25% of raw material weight
Hydrogen/H 176kg/h 220kg/h
Power Generation Capacity/H 2MW/h 2.5MW/h
Steam Generation/H 2t 3t
Heat Recovery From Circulating Water  300*10⁴ kcal 380*10⁴ kcal
Heat Recovery From Exhaust Gas 220*10⁴ kcal 275*10⁴ kcal
Electrical Control  DCS DCS
System Power Consumption 450kw 500kw
System Footprint 1500m² 1600m²
Biomass Gasification For Hydrogen
System Application Diagram

Due to a series of unique advantages, hydrogen production from biomass has become one of the promising research fields for the development of hydrogen economy.
Chemical Industry
Hydrogen Refueling Station
Biomass Raw
Material Types

Our advanced gasification technology has been extensively tested on nearly 78 types of gases.
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
Nut Shell
Rice Husk
Wood Chip
Coffee Bean Shell
Biomass Pellets
Chinese Medicine Dregs
Coconut Shell
Peanut Shell
Mahogany Pellets
Biomass Briquettes
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