Biomass Carbonization System Auxiliary Equipment
Choose different auxiliary equipment for matching according to the different biomass raw materials used.
Straw Rotary Cutting Machine
Straw rotary cutting machine is a special processing of straw bale material rough grinding equipment, through the high speed of the rotor, the bundle of materials cut into 3-5 cm of finished materials.
The equipment has the advantages of compact and reasonable design, stable performance and easy operation. It is mainly applicable to the crushing treatment of bundled wheat stalk, corn stalk, rice stalk, soybean stalk, tobacco stalk and other materials.
Jet Rotary Cutting Machine Features:
1. Large feeding diameter, convenient feeding and fast feeding
2. Large output capacity and high efficiency
3. Using gear drive rotary material, grinding without dead angle
4.Jet discharge, smooth discharge, improve production capacit
Single Shaft Shredder
Single Shaft Shredder Features As Follows:
1.Hydraulic adjustable built-in panel
2. Neatly discharged V-shaped rotor
3.Large capacity crushing capacity
4.Unique modular design
5.Shredder more than 80 optional modules
Single Shaft Shredder Common Optional Modules:
Hydraulic cooling system and transmission, oil horizontal and vertical comb plate, pipe gasket, telescopic counter blade, rotor cooling system, hydraulic adjustable lift screen, button configuration, hopper expansion configuration, hydraulic turbine, segmentation machine base, super cut V-rotor.
Combined Crusher
Combined crusher is composed of machine base, cutter roller, up and down feeding mechanism, feeding device and hydraulic buffer system, mainly used for building templates, demolition materials, templates and other materials crushing
The wood crusher mainly relies on impact energy to complete the crushing of wood operations.It is mainly used for the crushing of logs, small wood, twig, branches, boards, slats, bamboo and other materials.
Model Yield(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Feed Size(mm) Chip Size(mm)
HQPJ216 4-6* 55+3+4+1.5 545*230 30-1100
HQPJ218  6-10* 110+5.5+5.5+1.5 710*360  30-1100
HQPJ2113  12-25* 315+11+11+3 1100*530 30-1100
HQPJ300-300  6-10* 110+5.5+5.5+1.5 1300*300 30-1100
HQPJ300-600  12-25* 160+7.5+7.5+3 1300*600 30-1100
HQPJ1400  15-20* 220+7.5+7.5+3+3 1400*600 30-1100
HQPJ1650  18-25* 220+11+7.5+3+4 1650*600 30-1100
Self-Propelled Straw Harvesting Pelletizer
Including connecting with the distributor and the biomass pellet machine, and conveying the material to the pellet storage box through the pellet elevator.
Through the straw pickup machine to pick up the straw for conveying and crushing operations, the use of dust collector of the downstream of the process to remove dust and then transport materials to the crusher for crushing treatment, after the crushing treatment of the material through the dividing machine after the pellitizer processing into pellets by the pellet elevator transported to the pellet storage box.
The device has the advantages of high integration, high pellet density, small size and reduced transportation cost and storage space.
Parameters And Performance Of Self-Propelled Straw Harvesting Pelletizer
Overall size  L9350MM/W2540MM/H3480MM
Walking /driving types  Hydraulic front wheel drive
Rear-wheel steering
Engine brand / model  Yuchai YCA08300-T301
Weichai WP7
Engine power  221KW/300HP
Combined fuel consumption for standard operation  26L/T
Travel speed   Variable speed, up to 40KM/H
No-load weight of the machine   <8500KG
Load capacity of finished material tank  ≈3.8M³
Horizontal/longitudinal wheel base  2500mm/3200mm
Tyre specification Drive wheels 500/60-22.5
Steering wheels 409/60-15.5
Pickup type  Scrap suction pickup
Ground clearance is adjustable
Pick up width  2200mm
Ground clearance  380mm
Standard operating efficiency (Fuel RL and Feed SL) RL:1.3T/H SL:1.5T/H
Raw material moisture requirement 10%≤RL≤30% 10%≤SL≤25%
Conventional pellet density RL≥1.0g/cm³ SL≥0.7g/cm³
Conventional soil content of pellet RL≤5% SL≤3%
Conventional moisture content of pellet RL≤15% SL≤20%
Corn stalk fuel pellet combustion value RL≥3500CAL
Method and duration of discharge of finished pellet No stop/stop unloading time is about 4 minutes
Biomass Pelletizer
At present, the latest type of pellet machine in China, this structural pellet machine uses large modulus hard tooth surface helical gear reducer, spindle strengthening, strong power output, operation stable , low failure rate, low production cost, it is the preferred host model in biomass industry.
Equipment Features:
1. High degree of automation, stable operation, can be unattended.
2. Increase the discharge area, improve production capacity.
3. The roller no lock female structure design, less fuel consumption, bearing life extension.
4.Heavy-duty gearbox drive, gear strength is strengthened 5-10 times, strong stability.
5. Cycle gear oil lubrication, reduce fuel consumption cost, protect bearings.
Overall size  Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kw) Overall dimension(mm)
HQPJ216   1-2* 90/110/132  2200*1280*1640  
HQPJ218  2-3* 120/220  2450*1400*1950 
HQPJ2113   3-4* 220/250   2450*1400*1950  
Drum Screen
If the raw material contains more powdery substance, then a screening equipment is needed to sift out the powdery substances.
Drum screen is a screening equipment for grading according to the particle size of the material, which is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet, etc.
Equipment Features:
1.the overall structure is strong, high screening rate.
2.the sieve hole is not easy to plug, the screening effect is good.
3.the whole system adopts an effective fully sealed structure, equipped with dust removal, deodorization system interface, no dust, no pollution to the environment.
Cooling Machine
Drum cooling machine is a common cooling equipment, mainly composed of frame, drum, transmission device, spray system and so on. Among them, the drum is the core component of the entire equipment, and its internal rotation is constantly to achieve the effect of cooling. The spray system is used to spray water or other cooling media to help improve cooling efficiency.
Used for after the carbon output screw of carbonization furnace for cooling biochar.
Equipment Principle:
The roller cooling machine is mainly realized by the high-speed rotation inside the roller and the water spraying of the spray system. When the material passes through the drum, the water sprayed inside the drum will cool the surface of the material, and then the water evaporates, taking away the heat on the surface of the material, and finally achieving the cooling effect.
Biomass Gasification System
Wood chips, Straw, Pellets, Nut shells and other biomass raw materials.
Heat energy, Electricity energy, Syngas, Biochar, Wood vinegar, Wood tar.
Smelting, Food, Drying, Calcining, Textile printing and Dyeing industries.
Combustible Gas Pipeline
Hot Water Pipeline
Hot Air Duct
Cold Water Pipeline
Steam Discharge
Flue Gas Pipeline
Low Nitrogen Combustion System
The biomass pyrolysis gas burner in the carbonization system is a dual-fuel flue gas recirculation low-ammonia burner. It can burn biomass pyrolysis gas, diesel or natural gas and so on. In terms of controlling nitrogen oxides, the structure of the burner is reasonably designed to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides generated during combustion, and then the return flue gas is used to reduce the oxygen partial pressure of the combustion air and reduce the flame center temperature, so as to reduce the emission concentration of nitrogen oxides.
Equipment Features:
1.Pyrolysis gas and combustion air are distributed in stages to avoid flame concentration and inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides.
2.The oxygen partial pressure of the combustion air is reduced by using the return flue gas, reduce the flame center temperature, thereby inhibiting the concentration of nitrogen oxides.
Bag Filter
Dust collector with fiber filter bag to capture dust, also known as cloth bag filter. When the particle size of the captured dust exceeds 0.2μm, the capture efficiency is generally more than 99%; for particle size above 1μm, the capture efficiency is almost 100%. Its pressure loss is generally 200~2000Pa. The temperature of the gas treated is generally not more than 200℃. The bag dust collector equipped with the carbonization system is generally a pulse jet bag dust collector.
Equipment Features:
1.Equipment structure is simple, easy to operate and manage
2.The cleaning method is automatic spraying and blowing, the interval time and cycle of spraying and blowing can be set according to the actual working conditions.
3.Each room 1~2 pulse valve, convenient bag change and maintenance.
ESP Dust Collector
ESP electrostatic dust removal system is composed of corona pole, dust collecting pole and other components. Under the action of a high voltage electric field, the charged particles in the dusty air stream are attracted and trapped to the dust collector on the dust collector pole.
Equipment Features:
1.Wide applicability, almost all kinds of dust smoke are effective.
2.The capture efficiency is high, and the dust removal efficiency is very high for very small particles.
3. High temperature resistance, the flue gas temperature can reach 400℃.
4. Equipment resistance is low, generally 200~300Pa.
5.The dust removal performance is affected by the specific resistance of dust.
Electric Tar Catcher/Electric Filter
Electrical filter uses an electrostatic field of ionized gas to form a large number of electrons and positive ions. Under the action of electric field force, the negatively charged coke stain moves to the precipitating pole, and then the tar in the gas is captured. Finally, the tar flows to the bottom and is discharged. It is suitable for purifying synthetic gas, pyrolysis gas and other mixed flammable gases containing tar.Used topurify tar from the pyrolysis bomass gas.
Equipment Features:
1.The efficiency of dust removal and tar removal is high, up to 98%.
2.The power consumption is small, the equipment resistance is small.
3.The required level of operation and technology is high.
4. The operating temperature of the device has requirements, generally in the tar fluidity of the temperature range, such as 80~90℃.
Stirling Generator
The Stirling generator is a modular, scalable and cost-effective energy solution that generates electricity and heat through Stirling engine technology. It is a sustainable and green technology solution that provides distributed and dispatchable energy. Flexible scalability makes it suitable for on-grid, off-grid and microgrid applications. Stirling generators can run on a variety of fuels, including liquid fuels.
Can use low energy fuels ,such as landfill gas.
Suitable for on-grid and off-grid as well as microgrids.
Remote monitoring of functionality and performance.
Flexible modularity.
Low cost advantage, competitive.
Power  30kW 
Air consumption/hour 10Nm3/30kWhe
Air supply pressure  3-5bar 
PCU Efficiency (gas-electric conversion)  >30%    
Output voltage 400V three-phase, grid quality
Frequency Hz   50/60Hz
Cogeneration efficiency  >80% 
Dimensions 1.35x0.9x1.0m
Weight  750kg
Biomass Gas Internal Combustion Generator Set
Non-pressurized natural suction, Double tube intake system,High tar tolerance, Detachable intake valve box, Easy maintenance.
External or internal air intake systems can be selected according to the gas content; Suitable for low calorific value biomass gas; Adaptive gas high gas content.
High level of automation, high security, low operating costs.
Forest forest waste, branches: agricultural straw, cotton stalk; Rice husks from the farm; Bagasse from asugar factory; Wood chips from wood processing plant; Municipal Solid Waste,ect.
Inlet gas temperature≤40℃  Gas pressure 2.5~10kPa 
Pressure change rate≤1kPa/min Heating value of gas>4.0MJ/Nm³
Moisture content≤40g/Nm³,no free wate  Dust content≤30mg/Nm³
Dust size≤5um³ Tar content≤50mg/Nm³  
Hydrogen sulfide content≤50mg/Nm³ Total sulfur content≤100mg/Nm³ 
Ammonia content≤20mg/Nm³ Oxygen content≤50mg/Nm³
Hydrogen volume content≤50%  Oxygen volume content≤1% 
Biomass Gas Internal Combustion Generator Set
The maximum inlet pressure is 14Mpa; The maximum inlet temperature is 535℃; Maximum power up to 200MW
Has a non-adjustable suction port, meet a small amount of steam needs; Can be designed to compensate gas port, Make full use of low quality steam (including saturated steam) exhaust steam, Can use water cooling or air cooling, can be used to generate electricity or drive other equipment, can be customized; Can provide remote monitoring and diagnosis services.
It can be applied to geothermal power generation set.
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