Haiqi Energy Solutions Showcased at the China-Uzbekistan Business Cooperation Roundtable

Release Time:2023-11-28
In the context of the Belt and Road co-operation, the economic exchanges and co-operation between China and Uzbekistanhave have become increasingly close. Recently, Haiqi Group was honoured to participate in the China-Uzbekistan Business Cooperation Roundtable as the representative of New Shanghai Business.

During the meeting, our COO Stella had an in-depth communication with the Ministry of Agriculture and the government officials of the agricultural region of Uzbekistan, and Stella introduced to them Haiqi Group's environmental protection + new energy + carbon assets energy solution in detail. The solution, which incorporates environmental protection concepts, new energy technologies and advanced concepts in carbon asset management, aims to fully promote sustainable development.

Representatives of Uzbekistan showed great interest in the energy solutions of Haiqi Group, and they warmly invited Haiqi Group to make a field trip to Uzbekistan, hoping that Haiqi can bring Chinese green technology to the local area and jointly promote low-carbon development.

The successful holding of the China-Uzbekistan Business Co-operation Roundtable provides a rare opportunity for Haiqi Group to further expand its market in Central Asia. Haiqi Group is eagerly looking forward to in-depth cooperation with Uzbekistan in the future to jointly promote green development and achieve common prosperity.
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